Preparing for Cataclysm - Alchemy and Engineering going UP

Goblins are going to increase the value of mid-high level herbs pretty substantially. Even with lots of farmers and faster leveling of professions every person is going to likely have a few herbs that they need for leveling alchemy. Every goblin should become an alchemist/engineer for arena purposes as they will get more tricks to include with their utility belt through engineering and more mana/health from potions. If you're alliance, this won't affect you but you may want to start sending herbs that you get cheap on your side to a horde character for sale later.

On the flip side worgens are going to gain a skinning increase. Expect mats for skinning to go way down as lots of players will level their craft. Leatherworking/Enchanting will be an excellent way to make money since low level to high level crafted gear will be much cheaper to make with the influx of leather from all those worgen farmers. If you are horde be ready to buy the leather when all the alliance worgens are leveling and resell horde side.

Remember that this is a looooong way off so don't start doing any of my suggestions just yet.

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  1. Errr, engineering? The goblin's utility belt skills are racial abilities, available regardless of professions...

  2. no it says use utility belt spells + eng spells for the best arena.
    'Every goblin should become an alchemist/engineer for arena purpose'.

    (I guess im gunna make a worgen, not for the skinning, but to make a rogue as the dmg increas e, shadow form + sprint. is basically a rogues best combo with there existing moves.)

  3. @Anonym:

    Engineering is one of the best professions for Arenas, he didn't mean the goblin racials were part of it, but they're really useful for Arena PvP too.

  4. Remember- more leather means cheaper enchant mats, as leather is one of the cheapest things to make DEable greens out of.

  5. Ah, makes sense - never did arena much after all.

  6. I'm not sure how Alchemy in arenas will be buffed for Goblins. Correct me if I'm wrong but the use of Endless Mana/Health potions were ceased with the addition of Flask of the North, which is useable in Arenas to match other profession buffs.

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