Runed Orbs Post 3.2

Runed Orbs are going to plummet with the onset of patch 3.2. Think of their frozen cousins, which at one point sold for a hefty 100-200 gold but now sit idly in the 10-40 range. Right now Runed Orbs can go for as low as 500-800 gold, but usually sell for around 1000 gold, and it's going to get a lot lower after the patch.

Basically, Runed Orbs are going to become the frozen orbs of 3.2, the easily obtained and farmable orbs perfect for entry level 80 gear.

If you have a stockpile of these or are a guild master definately start selling these off or craft the starter epics and sell those.

As their price decreases it may become possible to start making the epics and selling those on the auction house. Spiked Deathdealers and Battlelord's Plate Boots are going to be nice starter boots for death knights should you choose to make those.

With the onset of 3.2 expect to see a new Orb appear as well as the reemergence of standard crafting materials such as dragonscales, nerubian chitan, arctic fur, heavy borean leather, titansteel bars, and the various spell weaves.

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  1. Runed orbs were being advertised in trade for as low as 100-200g each on Mal'Ganis. If you are stuck with any.. too bad.

  2. You might want to add Abyss Crystals to your list. I just ran Coliseum 5man nh, each run took about 10minutes, we did it twice. 10epics dropped, we had 2 needs, so 8 crystals overall in like 20minutes.
    So with running the instance while noone needs anything you would make around 30crystals per hour.
    I'd suspect a large number of crystals flooding the market in the not so far future.

  3. There are times when I wish I was on your server from prices you list and times I am glad I'm not. Our frozen orbs have been staying strong at the normal 65-80 weekend to weekday fluctuation for months now. Though I, too have seen Runed Orbs in trade much lower than 500g.

    Also, there will for sure be a drop in Abyss prices given it's ridiculously easy to get them from Normal ToC. Good time to be a level 435 enchanter wanting to get 450 I guess!

  4. On my server Runed Orbs were going for min. 250G to max. 450G, while Frozen Orbs stayed at their usual 50-60G range. Abyss Crystals on the other hand dropped to a solid 55G each (down from the usual 75-90G).

  5. Are you sure frozen orbs will plummet that much? The jewelcrafter transmutation using them now has a chance to create an epic gem, this should drive prices up not down.

  6. I don't seen Runed Orbs falling as far as Frozen Orbs. The only ways to get Runed Orbs are from Emblems of Conquest or from Ulduar25. Most people have better things to spend Conquest emblems on, especially with recipes needing 6 runed orbs (100+ emblems to buy them all with emblems). Frozen Orbs, by contrast, are 1-2 per recipe, and drop from Heroics. As a result, they're more plentiful and the amount needed is smaller.

  7. New Orb is called a Crusader Orb with accompanying recipies.

  8. Just sold off my stock on Garona, for 100g a piece. But I think they are going to go down, I would expect to see an inflow to the AH this weekend.

  9. I had never purchased anything with my Conquest badges before but a guildie was one Runed Orb short for making his new belt. I went and bought one to give to him as a present but it turned out he'd already got one from someone else.

    Not needing the Orb I went and put it on the AH 820g buyout (20g less than the lowest Orb) and it sold in 30mins.

    Talking to my guildies last night after the patch came out, turns out the price for Runed Orb is now 80g....

    I don't use the Auction House alot.... guess I was just lucky. In all honesty though if I had thought about the implications of 3.2 anyone that can read the patch notes could have put two and two together!

    Morale of the Story - Reading the patch notes and thinking about the implications between each patch can make you alot of GOLD!

  10. Saw a Crusader orb last night on US Gnomeregan Alliance for for the runed..have been steady 1200 now they are at 700

  11. Frozen orbs dropping fast, lowest b/o on AH was 25g last nite, about 50% off from last week.

    Adding frozen orbs to Black Knight in ToC Heroic, and everyone running the daily heroic for the new emblem of Triumph = surplus Frozen orbs.

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