Selling your honor in Wow?

"So, a few days ago i wanted to buy epic gems for 100g/each, after 5 hours of sitting in trade, i got 1 gem total.

(in my server epics go for 150-250g depending on color and cut)

After a while i got so bored that i started asking a friend of mine to buy gems for honor for me,
and then it hit me, why not buy honor from players?

Advertising in trade that i buy large amounts of honor (10k/20k etc.) 1 honor = 1s
and all they have to do is buy the gem and sell it to me.

At first i didn't think it'd be of any help, but after 3 hours in trade i had made over 40 epic gems for 100g each as i wanted to.

I don't know if anyone has done it before, but maybe it's useful.

thought i'd share my success with someone ;)

Added a screen shot also of chat."

Aruk-Defias Brotherhood EU

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  1. Great idea! I've got to try that someday. I hope it works as well on my server as it does on Brotherhood EU :)

  2. Holy Jesus, I tried it now and people started spamming trade about how you could buy honor :P

  3. i have a quick question, i really dont understand how that would work? can u even trade honor to other people? i'm confused plz reply!!... Also if you can how plz explain to me how they would get the gem then trade it to you for honor..Thanks :)

  4. You can buy epic gems from PvP vendor for 10,000 honor each. So the person buys the gems (bought with honor) meaning he kinda is buying the honor. Basically, not many ppl have epic gems to sell uncut (if they usually have them they are JC and will cut them to make profit) but everyone can PvP and turn 10k honor into 100g.


  5. so the pvp vedor is buying the honor not the "real players" so how do u exactly "sell the honor" sry i dont mean to be a nuisance but i am really slow lol..What i mean is that how do the People get the honor therefore making a profit?

  6. Also i forgot to add, if you do go into trade chat saying "wtb honor 10/20/30k and so on aren't people gonna be like "are u retarted u can't buy honor"???

  7. @Alex:

    Like I said before, yes people started spamming about it. This is how it works:

    You don't actually buy honor. The thing is, uncut epic gems are tradeable for 10,000 Honor Points at the vendor in Hall of Legends/Champions Hall (PvP vendor). What you do is ask people to use their honor to go get epic gems for 10,000 honor each. Then, they open a trade window with you, and you pay them 100g for each gem.

    Got it now? :)

  8. Yes, thank you so much for your help i get it now so basically when you're trade saying "WTB Honor 10/20/30k...." you're bascially renting the person for a bit to use his honor to get you the gem then u pay him right? :D

  9. i had a similar experience with the bracers a couple months back.. asking for BoE Valor bracers for less than 600g was unheard of, but advertise buying your valor badges got me a couple for 400g.

  10. I've been spending my own honor on uncut gems. Especially since season 6 is over, there is nothing else to spend my honor on, other than horde it all up. Each time I near or hit 75k I buy 2-4 gems to cut and then sell on the AH.

    In a way, that comes out to 150-200g for every 10k honor, not bad if you ask me, especially if you are only doing the daily PVP quest and WG weeklies.

    In addition, turn those Stone Keeper's Shards into honor as well to buy even more gems!

    It all works well, I just need more cuts!

  11. Took me a good 3 minutes to figure out that you were whispering yourself in the screenshot. /sigh

    anyways awsome tip. I'll have to keep it in mind :)

  12. Tried this for about 30 minutes on Nordrassil during "prime time". Got quite a few people asking me how I buy honor points, the obligatory "you can't buy honor, n00b!", and some random whispers.

    Sadly, NO epic gems came my way.

  13. Doing this alliance side on Defias Brotherhood, managed about 25 gems, and some very dumb comments :D

  14. I was doing this for Runed orbs that I needed to make uld tailoring epics, the prices were 250g on the ah at the time, advertising to buy 18 badges at 200g worked a treat, of course I got a few people whispering me saying "you can’t buy badges" 300g saving for the 6 orbs.

  15. This might be new to some but we have been doing this since BC and Sunwell where token could get you epic gems .. the old JC should remember this, you can now do the same now with token and honor.
    good luck.

  16. Tried it for like 10 minute yesterday, got 9 gems at 100g each. Pretty nice trick!

    Pre 3.2, I bought a lot of BOE Valor tanking bracers for 450-500g and reselling them for 900-1000g. Pretty easy gold.

    Will try the runed orb trick!

  17. Wow. Huge thanks to the person behind this and for the posting of it. I usually cut epic gems, but have been buying them raw off the AH due to high prices of Titanium. Upon trying this, every message in trade got me 5-6 whispers... usually 1 genuinely interested, 2 who realised the gems were worth more and a few who just called me an idiot and were done with it. 30+ gems over a few hours for far under AH prices. Nicely done :)

  18. I tried this today on Whisperwind Alliance US before the server went down this afternoon... again. I created a macro that would create a DND message similar to yours and post my advertisement in trade. The macro worked well, but all I got over the course of 40 minutes were 2 tells asking how one can sell honor and lots of flames.

    Uncut epic gems sell for anywhere between 125 and 175 gold on my server, if you're lucky, so I guess I won't have much luck with this trick unless I find someone who's desperate and/or dumb. :(

  19. Why wouldnt they just sell the gems themselves? Typical retard pvpers :)

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