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Hey Marko,

A great way to make money @ 80 is to go back and grind Skyguard rep in terokkar forest. I went from neutral to exalted in just 3 days of grinding rep. You can get TBC greens, blues and BoE epics( if you're lucky, i got 2) from the mobs and you never really see anyone else there. There is a quest line but you don't really need to do it if you're only after the money just make sure you do the introduction quest in Shattrath

1. Keep the shadow dust for shadow elixers
2. use the scrolls on skull piles
3. Sell everything from the mobs that are summoned from skull piles (or keep them to summon terokk if you can solo him)

You make more than enough money to buy the mount and the pet.

Mágus (May-guss) of Dalvengyr

To Mágus:

Very nice find. I found about a hundred of those shadow dusts in my bank and boom sold them all in a week for about 1.50 gold per! I may have been lucky and found someone leveling rep that week but I think that there are actually quite a few people doing this grind. Back at 60 I managed to get exalted from friendly in about two weeks, with just a few hours of grinding plus daily quests. Now that we're 80 it has to be a breeze ripping through all the mobs there and what's more, this place is easier than grinding rep with ogrilla (no huge starter chain that an 80 can't solo).

Nice find indeed :)

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  1. I actuyally wrote a guide for skguard rep recently on my blog. You also pick up a ton of netherweave which you can use to make bags and sell.

  2. Anyone have any idea why Frost Lotus's seem to be up in price? It may just be my server but they are going for like 150% their normal value and since I just leveled an alts Alchemy I noticed how much of a hassle it is >.<.

  3. @Darraxus
    Awesome Blog! I laughed out loud quite a few times.

  4. Damn I should start grinding skyguard rep too. Those mobs are insanely easy for a level 80.

  5. Nice Darraxus, I had this written a few weeks ago so my apologies for it coming out around the same time as yours. Such is the problem of writing posts early and waiting weeks to publish them!

  6. All good man. I wrote mine a few weeks ago as well. I covered Sporeggar as well which can make you some money as you learn how easy it is to pick a ton of sanguine hibiscus.

  7. Terrok dropps an awesome trinket which converts you into a Skettis.

    People farm Terrok for this and they need dust to be able to farm the scrolls to summon him.

  8. Depending on the netherweave drop rate, this might explain why I have been seeing occasional flooding of that market on my server in the last month.

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