Stationary Farming of Frostweave Cloth - Mobs come to you!

Not everyone who reads this guide also looks at my youtube profile, so from time to time I like to link to current videos.

Here's one on farming frostweave cloth, greens, and grays but with a twist... the mobs come to you!

6 comments: on "Stationary Farming of Frostweave Cloth - Mobs come to you!"

  1. What plugin are you using that throws up the cooldown notifications (eg Revenge, sword and board)?

  2. It looks like Mik's Scrolling Combat Text. I use it, and love it, especially on my warrior!

  3. i tried this after watching it today and i got the epic trinket jet'ze bell as a random drop :)

    to bad they don't sell to well after patch 3.2 :(

    i also got some nice greeny's and frostweave cloth and ofcourse all the greys wich paid my repair bills

  4. The spot in the video is exactly where I killed the rare spawn - Putridus the Ancient, he patrols in a big circle that goes through there. It worth 20g and a blue item. He has 75k hp but isn't that hard to solo (for feral druid anyway)

  5. Thanks, great spot, just what I've been looking for with my affliction lock, hopefully doesn't get too popular or nerfed now. ;)

  6. Awhile back when I was leveling tailoring I created a spec to farm this spot.
    As a aflic lock with soul link you can farm this spot and never run out of mana,in the end I only had to stop because I could not loot fast enough.
    Using this method I was gaining thousands upon thousands of cloth/hour

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