Suggestion Box Friday (8/07/09)

Community Spotlight: Veritable Avarice
This is an interesting new blog in the wow economic arena and I think the content + quality of writing deserves some attention. Give him a read, Veritable Avarice looks really promising.


Feel free to comment on your ideas regarding the patch so far and wow economics. It's your chance to be the blog writer :D

PvP Dilema:

It's been a great week for the blog, breaking 1600 readers for the first time and I've received more whispers/emails/youtube messages about successful gold making players than ever before. The patch really took the wind out of my sails and I honestly was upset with the changes to prot. I will do my best to try and do well in 3's, but there isn't that thrill that I used to get out of it anymore. 2's is a total wash now because I will never kill a shaman or paladin again in arena. Now I get to anxiously watch as mediocre teams slowly inch closer and closer to knocking us out of glad range, completely defenseless and unable to play.

I blogged about prot, I spent a year gearing out and learning to play prot, and I loved every minute of it. I think it's wrong to continue dwelling on this patch though, so I will do my best to pick myself up by my bootstraps and get back to making prot work. I need to adopt a new attitude: "I may not kill you, but my partner with ms will." Now it's just a matter of finding partners on a server where only three horde teams managed to get into glad range, and of those they all played 2v2.

Believe me and you, I'm working my ass off trying to discover any possible way to make prot work. Fury/Prot builds will be my goal this weekend. 2 minute Deathwish + 2.33 minute recklessness may make conc + shield slam + devastate + shield slam a pretty decent combo in full ap + arp gear.

I've tried full armor pen, full block value, full furious and mixed sets. Against melee of any armor type full block destroys them. Against casters and healers mixed sets do the best, however unless I outgear the healer I really don't have any chance of bringing them down. Shamans are literally impossible to kill with earth shield for me now.

Since we have no hunter, thunderion is working on one right now and it's possible that instead of looking for a hunter, we'll look for a druid instead.

Thank you for your supportive emails and tales of success, I never get tired of reading them. You made my success in arena so much more fun, because I had someone to share it with.

I spoke to thunderion last night and we had a blast joking about teams we outplayed and the exploits we had. Like our last game, in which thunderion hit divine plea with 0 mana and had just enough at the end to shock a rogue to death, then we had to run like little girls from a disc priest with both of us below a thousand health. I reflected a shadow word death and bandaged, he did the same. It was the best way to end the season in my opinion.

Another game, I had a druid who went to bear without hots to stun me and was at about half health, had regrowth and no trinket. I concussion blowed before he could bash and took him to about 30% while also slamming his regrowth off and then I feared him just as it ended. I go on skype "He's feared, come over here and finish him!" I then charged the warrior partner and shockwaved him, giving thunderion enough time to get over to the other druid and hammer, shock, glowy execute him with me intercepting plus shield bashing to finish. We laughed about these times when we completely outplayed teams, and how we made something work that never was meant to exist.

We laughed at some of our favorite moves, like concussion blowing or hammer of justicing a druid or shaman just as he hit nature's swiftness so that I could knock it off.

Reflecting COI and gag ordering dk's so that they could do nothing but watch my pally run by them, those were the times :)

Speaking of reflects, catching earth shocks and strangulates were so easy... we even had teams get on level ones and complain about that on multiple occasions. Come on, you think we actually were gonna let you interrupt a cast? Silly deathknight.

Then there were the games were we knew we were beat and so we made one final outrageous attempt at victory which actually worked more than it didn't! And there was a game where I solo'd mage/rogue because thunderion disconnected while they were nuking him... you should of heard us celebrating on skype afterwards.

All in all, getting to play competetive arenas with my cousin was the most fun I've ever had in this game and I wouldn't trade it for the world... of warcraft.

Some hated us, some loved us, but I think everyone saw what we did as something special.

9 comments: on "Suggestion Box Friday (8/07/09)"

  1. OMG, for the first time, I SO want to Arena.

  2. Did everyone have their brains melt on Tuesday? It seems the jewel crafters on my server forgot that blue quality gems EXIST. I have been selling Solid Sky Sapphires for 48G the last 4 days, because no one else is listing them!

    All my epics are unsold, but my blue quality gems are flying out at high prices and a super high price point. Thus, I rule. :-)

  3. @Althalas

    I have also noticed this on my server. I still sell my epics, but blue gems are making the majority of my profits xD.

  4. Currently players are getting new gear and looking to gem it out, but not with epics! Since epic gems are currently still pretty expensive and new arena gear is just around the corner, there's a real market for rare quality gems.

  5. Im sorry for being an ass, but those 10-15k shield slams couldnt have been intended by blizzard. It was a matter of time before they nerfed a tank spec doing the biggest burst in game.

    What exactly was done to you though.. didnt see any warrior nerfs in the notes.

    I hope you can make it work tho, because weird specs doing good in arenas is always fun. I had a laugh about the enh shaman with a 3000 rated team before 3.2.

  6. Gonna look for a druid huh?

  7. Btw markco I play a prot warrior and I have a feral Druid holy pally team and we got to 2.3k the like you said the control and mobility of the prot warrior def wins the three of us alot of games

  8. I had 30 JC marks saved up so I was able to buy 6 new epic gem receipes, however I tried to focus on gems that didn't have a lot of competition.

    So far I've only sold 4 gems of the 12 or so I made. I've also had to re-post 6 others.

    The margins for profit are still huge and there are so many types of gems, niches are there but it takes effort to find them.

  9. Any luck finding a hunter? Im thinkin mm/prot/holy could be pretty interesting this season. The amount of cc is just ridiculous. Just not sure if theres enough burst to bring someone down.

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