Suggestion Box Friday (8/14/09)

Another friday, another list of my favorite comments this week :)
Oh and you can post some of your tips if you'd like to try your luck!

Discussion: I'm looking forward to blizzcon next week, I'll be wearing a JustMyTwoCopper T-shirt so I should be easy to spot as well as my 2v2 partner should you want to say hi.


Regarding Eternals On the Rise

Boilanger said...
You're not kidding about Eternals being on the rise! Because I farmed so many though, I just sell them for cheap and get a nice little profit off of each one. Sold about 12-15 altogether over the course of 4 hours on my server, making just over 51 gold total off of it.

Regarding Pick Pocket Farming

It only takes about two minutes to go through the whole place once you are practiced. I typically get 1-2 Runic Healing Potions, 5-25 silver per pocket, and a couple pieces of vendor trash that are typically worth 1-2 gold. It's not something that will net you a fortune, but it's basically free and is near a good area for farming Frostweave and greens, so it's convenient.

Regarding Abyss Crystals and TOC

Kohaku said..

Why's everyone so unhappy about prices of frozen orb + abyss crystal dropping?
It just means two things to me:
1. leg armor kits just got cheaper to make.
2. Enchanting scrolls are easier/cheaper to make.
Since they'll probably sell due to people getting new gears... really, I don't see discontent.(Unless more people want to go into the market due to the lower cost of entry.)

5 comments: on "Suggestion Box Friday (8/14/09)"

  1. Why's everyone so unhappy about Abyss Crystal prices?

    When the price varied between 70g and 130g, there was some serious change to be made from flipping them. You could also charge 130g each when using them in enchanting scrolls, even though you only paid 70g for them.

    Now that the AH full of 40g Crystals, there's no flipping and less markup on anything made from them.

    Some of the Abyss Crystal recipes are even cheaper than the lower-level versions. The market for intermediate items has been gutted since everyone can just step up to the good stuff for less money. The masses who think 40g is a lot of money are happy, but it's a net money loss for the people who actually used them.

  2. As a mining paladin doing the hodir dalies, it astounds me that so many people leave the mineable corpses of the Brittle Revenants lying around.

    Being the enterprising sort, I always mine any corpses I can, the vendor trash sells for some decent silver and gold, it's not a lot, but it makes the dalies pretty rewarding, on top of the crystalized elements I can get off of the elementals in the area as well.

  3. Markco already posted that David, I'm sorry but that was a complete fail

  4. Keep an eye on the enchanting mats market. It is all over the place on my server. With the next areana season soon, I expect to see more spike demand.

    Yesterday before raid I saw Dream Shards at double the normal price. This is the 2nd time I saw that in the last week. Borean Leather was cheap so I converted a lot of it into dream shards and took advantage of that good mark up.

    I have a long history with dream shards so I only made enough to sell.

  5. I'm a newer reader, so I must have missed that. Nice to see that I'm not the only one who is using it. Sorry anonymous.

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