Suggestion Box Friday (8/27/09)

Suggestion Box Friday is your chance to be the blog writer! Leave comments and start some discussions as I will once again take this day to prepare for the upcoming week... and quite possibly get my drink on.

Kylol sent me this email and I'd like to make it the Community Spotlight for the week:

I farmed at this spot for about 45 minutes and got 593 gold worth of cooking mats!

Its in westfall.. COMPLETELY secret!

Here is a video showcasing its raw awesomeness (brace yourself).

This video is not made by me :P.

If you watch how he kills them you will notice they INSTANTLY respawn after dieng, if you kill them all for 2 minutes going back and forth and then loot (you dont want corpses to despawn) for an hour i bet you will make 1000g!

Just wanted to throw this tip at you because its such an odd and secret spot with masssive gold, and good also because you are farming 3 diffrent items in abundance so you dont have to flood one market really.

Credit goes to Top Game Guides Premium's youtube channel for this tip.


Speculate on Cataclysm... there is way too much to talk about. Also, I somehow managed to sell Icy Dragonscales (about 80 of them) for 2.5 gold each last night!

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  1. Reports are that LW has new Drums in the upcoming patch, used to supply raid (class) buffs. Icy Dragonscales is used for one... someone may be preparing! (Jormangar scales is another.)

  2. With all the people rolling alts, bags will be a big seller.

  3. Concerning the farming in westfall great vid, I didn't believe it myself so like any one should do try it to see if it works.

    While not the greatest of gold making it is very steady I have made 3500 gold just in one week from this spot from the meats alone, not counting the 1k plus I have made from the gear drops I guess even this low a level gear is still in demand.

    Great Job, And Many Thanks

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  5. @kevMar:
    Bags have always and will always remain a big seller imo.
    I know I have had trouble getting enough netherweave cloth to support my bagselling business.
    And the best part is that it seems i"m the only one on my server on both horde, as well as alliance side that is selling them on a large scale atm. So I even managed to raise the price of them by ~5g (which is basically 50%).

    Actually, everything seems to sell currently. Even when it is priced higher than what it's worth (or what it would be worth in my eyes). So, I am definitely not complaining seeing I've had a couple of days with 3-4k g from auctions. While I normally am stuck on about 1k g a day, simply because I am not willing to invest more time ;).

    ps. WTB edit button :(.

  6. Many botting programs run profiles off these same mobs up and down the coast.

  7. Hey Marco I read in the newest PTR 3.2.2 patch notes something very interesting.

    Abyssal Shatter - Disenchants an abyss crystal into greater cosmic essence or infinite dust.

    So will this mean that the price of GCE and Infinite Dust will greatly drop?

  8. @Anonymous above me:

    Their price shouldn't drop a lot because that shatter will probably have a CD, no?

  9. Hope you guys like this tip! If you also kill slark who will run by you get a rare (if your horde) level 10 chest with like 2 str 3 stam, you can usually sell this for 20+ g because people roll alts and have alot of money.

  10. The westfall spot is amazing for rerolling on another server. A DK should easily be able to farm these for some nice cash.

  11. umm. .. 2g 50s is pretty pathetically low amount to sell the icy scales ....

  12. I used to farm alot at the westfall spot. I noticed on the horde the claws don't sell because the recipe comes from an alliance vendor. I usually just delete the claws, but all the meats sell pretty quick.

  13. Any advice on selling the items from the westfall spot? how much to list for, how big the stacks should be, etc.

    I'm usually pretty hopeless on the AH :(


  14. Tim, I usually sell mine for 1g each meat, and idk about the claws.

  15. Bags will definitely be where I look to make money post Cataclysm. However, that's some time off. I think I'll wait till we're like a month from its release and buy netherweave cloth in bulk and have a huge supply ready. The problem right now is that on my server (Hyjal, Horde side), that's a really competitive market. In fact, I think my entry helped push prices on bags way down. Just two weeks ago, they were 13-14G, now they go less than 8G, and are actually harder to sell. Still, I think this is a temporary trend (and also my competitors outdoing me on the production side... I maybe wasn't willing to risk enough on the bags, and thus didn't spend the money to make tons) and am waiting to get back in the market if it goes back up. till then, I'm trickling Lustrous Sky Sapphires into the market. Bought 20 plain Sky Sapphire for 130G, got the stack cut for 20G, and sell each for 40G easily :D
    But yeah, definitely glad I have tailoring. Now to dump enchanting for inscription... oh the rush for glyphs cataclysm will create :D

  16. As an addendum to my comment, when I say I think I helped push bag prices down, I also think I increased Netherwaeave Cloth prices, thus narrowing the profit I could make.

  17. Just be sure to check your server prices for these first. Stacks of 20 of the crawler meat/claws etc... only go for 2.5g each on my server so not a great money spinner.

  18. Thank you for Westfall Video it was good money for a small amount of time.

  19. I tried the Westfall farming spot for one hour. I got 11 stacks of claws, 10 stacks of crawler meat, 8 stacks of clam meat, and 22 assorted greens (including the rare spawn).

    The crawler meat was originally selling well at 2g per (40g a stack), but it quickly became glutted and I only sold 3 stacks. The clam meat sold all weekend, originally at 9g a stack, but I was able to run it up to 14g a stack by buying up the people who undercut me. The claws did not sell at all, there were a lot on the AH. All the greens sold, reasonably well.

    Conclusions: clam meat is the highest demand product for this spot, and the market for this on my server is low right now. I think it might be worth revisiting in the future.

  20. So i tired this out last night. i Invested 15 minutes of time, and got 6 stacks of each type of meat/claw.
    when i went and scanned the AH for the meats there were none on so i decided to post several different stack sizes and prices to my surprise i was about to sell it all that same night, and my highest buyout per item was 5g 50s... and that was the crawler meat... so i am going to be farming this a little more and see what i can average per stack.

    I was extremely surprised, and happy to see what i could make for little to no work at all.

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