Wood and Cloth - Salute to a Warrior

Patch 3.2 came and went with the excitement of ore selling like crazy, gems going for 500 gold cut, and lowbies rushing into bg's. But markco was no where to be found in the auction house.

He was alone, in the valley of honor swinging his gladiator's furious axe into a big stick and bag of cloth that made up one of ogrimmar's level 80 dummies. The bag head seemed to smirk at Markco as he attacked, and after every shield slam he swung from side to side as if to say 'no, you won't beat me.' Markco worked up quite a sweat and was seen changing into four different sets of gear while he compared all kinds of stats and the results of those changes on the dummy.

Try as he might, Markco never even put a dent into the thing.

3k, 4k, 2k, 2.2k, 4.2k... the numbers just wouldn't go higher. The devastates didn't live up to their name.

Frustrated, he swore and put on his full block value set... 13k with shattering throw, shield bash, shield block, and greatness proced with full sunders. A day ago that would of been 18k, and what's worse, the resilience changes made it so he could not possibly wear that block value set any longer. The devastates were too low, as low as 1.4k and he was too vulnerable in this gear set. In 2's he could survive, but not 3's.

So then Markco got an idea, a crazy idea that no one else seemed to have thought of... he put on full armor pen. Epic gems, worth 750-1000 gold each he bought without even thinking about it. As quickly as possible he put on the few pieces of armor pen he had and regemed everything.

The end result? A measly 28.63% passive + 10% from battle and +20% from sunders. 58.63% all together.

3.8k, 4.6k, 2.4k... the numbers didn't seem to go up much at all. Maybe with full pve dps gear he could do it, but after hundreds of hours of gearing for the block set, Markco didn't seem to think he had the power in him to do it again.

After almost four years of mastering his character, perfecting arms, perfecting prot... Markco suddenly backed away from the dummy. He wasn't upset, he didn't cry or turn his back to his opponent in disgrace. He simply looked down at his weapon, took a deep breath of the smooth, cool ogrimmar air, and held the hilt with suddenly sweaty palms. The smell of kodo, caked mud, and the flowing river next to him filled his senses with dreams of when he first ran through this great valley. Small and alone, he had looked at Ogrimmars wonders with such passion and respect. These memories were replaced with the thrill of combat, the hundreds of thousands of alliance he'd slain. Suddenly he roared with his axe held high in his right hand and let his shield fall to the ground.

The axe flew so fast that it took the dummy's head clean off. Tired but satisfied, Markco headed off to the auction house, leaving his weapons behind.


9/17/2005 - 8/04/2009


So Markco is getting shelved because I just don't feel like running hundreds of hours of pve to get armor penetration to make prot somewhat viable. What's worse is that there really isn't a hunter good enough on my server to do 3's to glad competitive levels. Therefore markco is getting shelved for the time being and I have several alts I can pick up to start over. Who would you pick?

Mage, Shaman, Lock, Rogue, Hunter, Druid, or Paladin

Now Markco isn't totally going away, let's face it, he's my favorite character. I will do my best to get him into a 3's team with good players and attempt to get high as prot or arms, but I'm definately not going to keep him as my main character.

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  1. Woah.

    I play a Ret/Prot Pally as my main, and while there have been changes to the way that Ret works in PvP, it's still a very fun class to play. I always smile whenever I pop my wings :)

    Maybe try your Lock for PvP. I get usually get absolutely slaughtered by those guys 1 on 1, their ccs, DoTs and shields are just nasty and hard to counter when Repentance is on cd.

    And why weren't you on my server buying those 750g gems? I sold 1 epic gem today, and 20 Titanium Powder.

  2. /cry

  3. It saddens me to see Marco shelved, it was refreshing to read your exploits.

    Hopefully, some day blizz will realize that they need to rethink how the warrior class is built, they can't just continue like they do.

    Meanwhile, I'm also putting my warrior on the bench, as I'll be trying to level an alt solely via BG (at least, once it hits lvl 10). I know that this is going to be a long hard road but this will definitely be different from the speed leveling I've been doing since Wotlk came out.

  4. And you just proved to me that you would have made a damn good roleplayer if you ever chose to give that a shot.

    *salutes on the writing*

    As for what to choose to play now...

    I honestly can't tell you. I love my rogue, hunter, and mage, but I love them because of their personalities, not their PvP abilities/farming abilities/raiding abilities.

    The only advice that I can give you is to play the character that you like, because the game is meant to be fun.

    -Tufak of Feathermoon

  5. :( You could try Arms. Its really fun when you play it right =/

    But i think you should go mage.

  6. Lock is gonna be FoTM.

    Also it's sad prot isn't viable anymore, I really loved Prot PvP on my 67 warrior. Sure, she was low, but it was still a blast stunlocking people.

  7. Given the new feral forms in 3.2, I would vote druid, especially since that's the only class where you can switch to any of the four roles with a respec and gear change.

  8. Kokushibyou said... August 5, 2009 at 9:41 AM

    NOOO!!! Just as I starting to actually get gear with block value :(
    Well, R.I.P. Marco along with all the other PvP prot warriors out there.

    btw, I vote druid as well.

  9. Ah it's sad. As a fellow warrior it saddens me, I'm one of the sad people who have more than one level 80 warrior, there's something addictive about being a warrior.

    Personally if your shammy is tauren I'd say pick that, tauren shammys have always made me smile. Otherwise I'd pick druid.

  10. Ok.... Thx to your ideas i was able to make 7000G in under 45 min. selling titanium ore last night.

    I invested 500G into transmute mats for later and finaaly after years of playing w/o it.. Got my Epic Flying...

    Thank you.. thank you.. thank you..

  11. I would say play your shaman. They are pretty much unkillable with ghost wolf and the ability to pillar hump like hell.

  12. you were saying that hunters on your server are bad at 3s, so why dont you use your hunter and be that exception and be the best 3s hunter on your server?

  13. Warlocks are fairly powerful in pvp when geared up, but they can be a bit squishy. They are also really easy to level.

  14. My vote goes to mage. Watch a couple Youtube vids on AOE grinding and, well.... too bad I fail at it.

  15. I think shamans are looking stronger this patch.

    I'm really upset that you shelved Marcko tho :(

  16. I think you should do hunter. If there are no good pvp hunters on your server you could find a good spot in the arena.

    P.S. I have a low level arms warrior and I didn't see much difernce.

  17. markco......

    hmmmmm, don't know how to take this one. since you were prot warrior for pvp before it was cool. you found new things people didn't think of. you found the niche. just like beating the auction house, which is the ultimate pvp right? you have to find a niche and win. you didn't like arms or fury before, so you found a new way, you found a way to win with protection. now protection is nerfed a little.....sooooooo

    so now, with some class changes and it might be hard and it's not going to be easy or at least the same as it's been for 3 patches, you quit? quit is a strong word here because this game is supposed to be fun, and that's why you can have more than one toon per account, because you can experience more by playing other toons or other styles. but for the pure sense of shelving him at this exact instant. patch --> nerf bat --> shelf. you're quitting.

    totally not like you. and i'm not here to talk you into playing markco. or do anything you truly don't want to do. as people are trying to do with BRK. it's a shame they won't let that guy's WoW account die in peace, but i digress. after all, it's your $15/month and it's your time, and it's your life......but, i can't believe in the face of adversity, in the face of a challenge, you're quitting your warrior. get that armor pen set and beat the odds. try arms. anything. or, as you state, try another toon [which now you'll have to do just that same amount of grinding and time sink to get to even the starting point markco is already at....] --- but don't do it like this. don't do it on patch day because you couldn't rip the dummy up, with the SAME moves you've been using for 8 months. heaven forbid you can't press 2, 2, T, F, T, T, 3, 4 and still win. you might have to try a new stance, a new rotation? gasp.

    hell, there was already another minor server shutdown today with some tweaks. maybe they tweaked warriors [i didn't see any notes on the matter and it very well could have been just maintenance].

    /splitting for wall of text

  18. but don't do it like this. someone mentioned your amazing tale there, with an excellent role playing angle. read this one.

    As Markco strolled back into his guild's housing from the public area of Ogrimmar, he couldn't help but wonder what happened. Just yesterday, prior to the enemy's discover of new training and armor tactics, he was a dominant force. He was trained and proficient, probably the best in his region, at utilizing defensive tactics as offensive tactics. Now it seems that the other faction has discovered something, just today. There's no way things could switch so blatantly in just one day. "I was the best" he thought. But now, it seems he has to train and practice in a more offensive manner, it seems he has to learn new ways to penetrate this new armor, rather than absorbing and blocking the enemy's blows and using their own force against them. But rather, Markco has decided to hang it up. "I don't want to train a new way. I don't want to train under a new school of fighting. I don't want to practice. I don't want to take on this challenge. It's not fair that my enemy has learned to stop the way I've fought for so long. It's not fair. Why have the Gods treated me like this. IT's NOT FAIR!!!" he thought.

    As he passed into his housing, hanging up his helm and shoulderplates, Murkco, his fledgling little brother, a [hunter/shaman/warlock/mage] who was not trained any where close to the levels that Markco is trained to, came running up.
    "Markco, what's wrong? Where's your axe?"
    "Alas, young sibling, it's in the training block outside."
    "And your helm, your shoulderplates, I've never seen you without them. What if the filth of the Alliance should try to overtake Warchief Thrall at this very instant?"
    "Then they shall succeed at no resistance from me. I am done fighting. It seems my previous training ways are now too easily defeated by the enemy. It seems I need to train in new ways, under new masters, and even wear different armor. And I would rather just get some Kungaloosh and be sorrowful into my empty glasses than be the proud warrior I once was."
    "Once was??? Markco, just yesterday you were hailed in Ogrimmar, in all of Kalimdor, as the best Defensive Warrior in the land!"
    "Things changed Murkco, things changed. I can't do it that way anymore. It's not fair. If I wanted to continue, I'd have to train more, learn more."
    "Then put your shoulders back on, strap your helm back on. I'll take you to my friend. He can lead us on many journies. We can skirmish with friends and foe. We can take time out to learn in heroic dungeons. He can teach you the ways of carrying a single larger weapon. He can teach you to mortally strike your opponent. He can teach you damage them twice as hard on each hit, and limit the healing that the scum could receive from his allies."
    "No Murkco. I quit. Leave me alone young brother. NOW!"
    "I can't believe you older brother. I am ashamed."

    all that being said. if you insist on playing a different toon, which is your right, :P i only ask you do Markco with more dignity than literally hanging him up on patch day. as for your other toon choice. well,....what sucked to kill as a warrior. i find hunters easy on mine. but perhaps that's related to, similar to your server, there's no good hunters. so maybe that says more about warrior>hunter and there being bad hunters, than it says about me. i find a well played lock annoying, but defeatable. i beg of you not to bring another druid/deathknight/ret pally into the pvp world. i was in a WSG the other day and between the 20 combatants, there were 4 non deathknights and pallies. which leads me to my kryptonite. on my warrior, my arch nemesis is a well played mage. so, if you have to switch, i guess try mage, if your nemesii are similar to mine.

    /wall of text complete

  19. Very sorry to hear this especially after listening to your story on the podcast.

    I hope you find another toon that can fill the void and you can once again enjoy arenas with your friend.

  20. Hokie, my burst for slam was cut down 75% and devastate went up about 20%. I understand where you're coming from and I thank you for the encouragement. What blizzard did to my 2's team has utterly destroyed our chances of getting gladiator, unless of course glad requirements do not go up 60 points before the season ends, because we are unable to play.

    I already 'quit' my warrior once, back at 3.0 when arms became a joke. The frustration of knowing that you are doing everything in your power to win and yet your opponent simply has to press 1,2,3,4 without any care to what you're doing was/is infuriating. The quiting period was about a week, I leveled an alt, got bored, and then tried prot pvp.

    Perhaps history is repeating itself. And if it is, will the nerf bat follow suite? Where's the glory in losing sleep and wasting time raiding for 20 hours a week when it all comes crashing down a year later? I haven't raided in months because I do not have the time and this blog, my guide, my RL work would all suffer should I choose to go back to full time raiding.

    Thank you all for your encouragement, you have no idea how badly I want to make prot pvp mainstream.

  21. not to belabor the point, because i know your comment was not to continue discussion - but aren't 2's excluded from titles/mounts/etc. now anyways?

    so you and your pally would have to recruit to 3's or 5's already? which, maybe a prot warrior is still a viable portion of those larger teams?

    bah! i've changed my mind. it's your $15. level your mage. try the totally opposite angle. limited survivability, glass cannon. a couple weeks of the three plate wearers bashing your face in with mortal strikes, death grips, and divine storms - and you'll be practicing to be the best arm warrior you can be.

  22. Lock or shammy!

  23. Marcko i believe you i gave up on my druid 3.0. I decided to finish lvling a warlock that i previously had TBC. He is now full pvp geared and in a 1800 3v3 team. There is currently no class out there that can kill a warlock easily no matter the spec. Whether it be the affliction curse of exaustion or the destro's list of stun's and CC plus burst damage. the demonic teleport and glyph of shadowflame is an easy peel off of any class.

  24. I understand...

    My pally will still be played as prot, but the ret gear is going in the bank, pulled out only for fights like general.

  25. Hokie 2's will still get glad this season, but not the next.

  26. Mage

  27. ah yes, durrrrrr.

    they didn't end the season with the patch. so it's still "last" season.

  28. Oh how much I wish they did.

  29. You could try hunter. As you said, there is no good enough hunter for 3's at ur server. Maybe you could become the one?

  30. "Things turn out best for those who make the best of the way things turn out." -Jack Buck

  31. Make it the best by doing whatever it is that makes you the happiest. Whether that be leveling an alt or Gearing Marco. Which btw you wont have to go full time raiding with heroics now dropping emblems of conquest.

    Justmytwocents :)

  32. Good news, I found a crazy gear set up that might work, and it looks like most players have seen their burst evaporate. We'll see what happens.

  33. Crazy gear setup? SPELLPOWER?

  34. 20% passive armor pen, 327 resil, 26k health, ~4158 AP with bshout, 2108 block.

    (Tested on 800 Resil Lock with 6% less damage taken and fel dom)

    4.6k devastates on cloth with everything up and 13k shield slams with everything up.

    Without any buffs it's 3.6k devastate and 6k slam on cloth.

    That's decent enough and since most teams have a leather/cloth wearer somewhere on the team I may still be able to compete.

    We'll just have to see. My burst is pretty much gone though, on plate those attacks are cut in half.

  35. When I read the patch notes, I wondered how it would affect your PVP (given that I'd just finished listening to you on the How I WoW podcast). While it seems that you're down, you're not quite out yet, thanks again to your "outside the box" thinking. Well done sir, and good luck to you if you decide to give PVP another go.

  36. Oh boy, sorry to hear that :(

  37. I'd say that you should try Mage, it really is worth it.

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