$5,000 Offered for Your Wow Account

I received this offer today and I was shocked. Of course I would never sell my account, nor would I ever recommend someone ever do it. But the amount was staggering. Some of you may remember Sean from the HowIwow.org interview mentioned that he would most likely accept this kind of offer for his wow account. Speaking of their podcast, I'm very sad to see it go, but am happy that both hosts can move on with their lives and hopefully into more profitable careers (Patrick is headed to work for blizzard). They have nothing but great memories from their program I'm sure and a huge fan base of grateful listeners.

Now back to $5,000 for your account. Would you take this? If not 5,000, then how much more? I mean honestly if someone offered you a million dollars for some 1's and 0's you will most likely only enjoy for 1-4 years... wouldn't you take that?

It's an interesting concept, and yes I reported the person who made the offer to me.

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  1. Perhaps I'd accept the 1 million offer, but not 5,000 :P

  2. you know, it depends. in my country it's about 2 years salary for a job. so I think yes.

  3. Money is tight, but friendships are tighter to me, and selling my account would break ties with a lot of friends of mine, which I don't want to do.

    That said, I'm pretty sure that a million dollars (were there proof it wasn't a scam) would be to much temptation to ignore.

    It would let my wife and I pay off our debts, fix our house, set up college funds for our twin sons...I would just add a stipulation that the characters from my account be transferred to another server, so that I could start my account freshly again with the same characters, same names, and build myself up all over again.

    -Tufak of Feathermoon

  4. 5 grand eh, if we talk 7-8 id prolly do it. With the expantion coming out i dont really see anything that interests me, its just another 5 levels. In about 20 days ill have 10 80's, 1 of each class with epic flying and Dual spec. 7-8 grand id totally do it.

  5. Yes. Real life > Wow. Things are tight, that would help.

  6. I'm a student so I have it rough at times, so I'd probably sell it for $5,000. Personally I think it's stupid you can't sell your account legally since the time you've spent on the game is yours. Then again I guess you can make the same argument about gold selling... and I don't really like that.

  7. Look at this sensibly for a moment. How long would it take you to level up another character and gear it to a reasonable level? Personally i think you could achieve that comfortably within a month, maybe less with the skills and support Marko would have. That being considered, you are basically being paid 5k for a months work, pretty sure that's a decent package no matter where you live. You should have taken it.

  8. All three of my accounts would have to be in the offer, so no I would not accept a $5000 offer. Tempting though.

  9. I agree with the people that would sell their accounts. As we all have experienced, gear is not an issue and with some work utilizing all the gold making tools, gold isn't an issue.

    5k is a great offer and I seriously doubt there is anyone that would pay that type of money for an account anymore.

  10. 5k would be a great reason to quit! :D

  11. That would be a hard call. I have 2 raiding characters and almost every crafting profession. About 10 bank tabs on 3 guilds. I have almost all my inscription research. And I have 7 chars over level 60 on that account.

    I do have a 2nd account to fall back on that has another 5 lvl 60s on it. It would take me out of the AH game for a while. I would have to work hard to gear up to the point I could work on hard modes again (or even get into those raids to get gear).

    So at the moment it would be easy to say no. If it was closer to the expantion where a soft gear reset would happen, then I would be much more tempted to do it.

    I can walk away from my gold but I hate to give up raiding with my friends.

  12. Let's count.
    You can reach lvl80 in 100 hours. You can get 20KG during it with adding 5-10 more hours.
    You need to attend to altruns with your guildies alts to gear back up to raid: 30-40 more hours.
    Altogether about 150 hours.

    If your salary is more than $33/hour after tax the answer is no, otherwise yes.

    If you actually like leveling you can substract some hours as "fun" so the $ barrier goes up

  13. The answer is yes, I would sell for $5000.

  14. Yes. In a heartbeat. There's only one character name I'd insist on changing first, the rest they can have.

    I can always come back for Cataclysm with a few RAF accounts and level a fresh batch of Worgen in a few weeks. Gold is a joke, our phat epics will all be shards at 85, and even our professions will be easier with the multi-point leveling.

  15. Yes, I'd do it. But I'd only give up my password and authenticator once I had the money desposited lol.

    I'd miss Honors but there's too much I could do with 5 grand. I can always level up another toon.

  16. I would be gone in a second. It would give me more time to play other games and do other RL stuff without any temptation to go check my auctions or raid.

    I would probably RAF back into it after a break.

  17. Seeing as I have a second account with a Paladin ready to raid any of the current Hard Modes (well, maybe not 25M Twins+) I would probably sell my account for such an offer. It would still be a hard decision because of the time and dedication I put into my main, but it would also be a fun challenge to try and obtain another Ulduar proto drake, a lot of gold, and other stuff.

  18. @ Gevlon

    Silly Goblin... you forget one part. It's likely that you can buy another account with similar toons for a fraction of that $$$. So, with time + new account you "spend" $2,000. That's $3k profit.

    But as someone else said, $5k would be a great reason to quit the game.

  19. Of course I'd accept a 1 million offer. I think I would sell it for 10k too, but nobody's going to pay that much. I wonder what do you have to make someone offer you 5000$ for your account

  20. At $5,000, I would have to negotiate what is included in the deal.

    50k gold, 10 toons on a server, 3 being 80 and (reasonably) well geared, 8 maxed professions (including gathering ones), 4 guild bank tabs, and uncountable amounts of current stock...yea, not quite $5k to me, but I'd give a portion of that for $5k.

    Then I'd buy another account(s), and use the money to pay for my account(s) for years to come.

  21. You could have my WoW account for considerably less than $5000. I'd change my main's name first though.

  22. I did overlook the purchase of another account.

    I have started over before. Same name and same class on the same server. I just don't look forward to it again.

  23. If someone offered me enough money for my university education, including living costs I'd probably take it. About £20,000-ish it'd be.

  24. You said you'd never sell your account? You also mentioned the million dollar price tag as a hypothetical. Let's be honest Marcko, anyone, even you, would sell your account for a million dollars.

    All in all, you're trading real life security for virtual world escapism. It all depends on what that trade is worth to you.

  25. -clarification for
    "All in all, you're trading real life security for virtual world escapism. It all depends on what that trade is worth to you."

    It should have read "If you turn down an offer, you're trading real life security for virtual world escapism. It all depends on what that escape is worth to you"

  26. I'm sure a lot of ideas you post about on this blog come from playing your main.

    If you were to sell your account you'd probably have to take a long break from blogging just to get back into the game and gear up.

    I lost one of my accounts and it took a lot out of my blog a while ago, it wasn't until I got back into the groove at 80 when I started blogging again.

    So not worth $5,000. $10,000 would be tempting :P

  27. $5000 and it's theirs. One character would need a name change for personal reasons, the others are expendable.

    $5000 more, and I'll tell you where the gold is hidden.

  28. To add to Zamboni's post and my previous, $2500 would buy access to my personal guild bank with everything in it and all (well, most) of my cash. I would have to send, say, 10k gold per faction to a new account so I could restart my gold making methods from scratch.

  29. I'd sell my account in a heartbeat for $5k

  30. I would take it. Im currently sitting on 2 accounts with 5 lvl 80's, 2 more on the way to 80.

    Its easy to level to 80 these days, and with the ease of gearing @80, you are selling your history and time with that toon.

  31. Starting over after selling out wouldn't be that bad.

    Five RAF accounts means an full set of level 60 characters in a couple weeks. Push two to 65 and start leveling the money-maker package (Jewelcrafting/Enchanting/Inscription/Alchemy).

    Push the JC to 74 so he can get to Dalaran for the dailies, to 77 so he can fly, and then to 80 so he can send flying books to everyone else. I missed being realm-first 80 by an hour, this part won't take long.

    Everyone else goes back and levels up Mining/Herbalism, then picks up Alchemy at 65. That's 9 epic gem transmutes a day on top of the glyphs and prospecting.

    I'd be back in business by the end of the month. It would be worth it just to have my character names in the correct order!

  32. In a heart beat... No questions asked. Its only a game.

  33. Definitely.

    Would help a lot with school expenses.

  34. I'd sell mine in a heartbeat for $5000. It would be a great incentive to finally move on to other hobbies and/or other games.

  35. tbh i will accept the 5000 offer start new account and lvl to 80 in no time and get ilvl 226 easy thanks to blizz

  36. $5k would pay my main bills for 2 full years,I would take it in a heartbeat after a name change of course on my main.

    I also would not include my mains guild,I would pass GM to my friend and /gquit,I have to many friends in the guild and also my wife which has leveled 2 toons to 80 in the guild.

    Also we have built up a few rival's on the horde side that we love having it out with from time to time, of course in that time frame we have become good friends with a bunch of the horde players we battle. I wouldn't want the guild to disappear.

    But my friends on both sides would understand if i had to sell with the guild in the bargain, it was a free guild to start with when my server lost a lot of players due to a free transfer,and was used as a bank alt until the guild I was in collapsed.

  37. @Zamboni : It would be worth it just to have my character names in the correct order!

    Absolutely! I might even re-roll all my chars just for that.

  38. Holy crap. I'm amazed. $5,000? Heck I would sell for like $500. I've got 3 80's in mostly 226, a handful of alts from 20-60, about 30k gold. I would gladly sell my vice for a months worth of rent.

    Sadly, its against the terms, and I just can't bring myself to break the rules like that.

    I'm blown away by home many people responding would want more than 5k. Many. 5k is what I make in like 3 months at my job. I WOULD PISS MY PANTS IF SOMEONE OFFERED ME THAT MUCH.


  39. Well, hasn't anyone thought that this may have been a scam. Most things that are too good to be true are just that. Scammers are famous for offering these type of things be it arena rankings, vanity items...etc.

    If you really want to sell your account do it on Ebay or another legit site and get the cash up front on delivery.

    How you would do that -- I haven't a clue and no I would not take 5K for my account without any guarantees.

  40. The safest way to accept money is Western Union/Moneygram. Get the money in hand, and then give the info.

    I remember Brad, from Warcraft Millionaire telling me about how he was offered an insane amount for his account, because of hitting the gold limit, and the gold prices were high at the time.

    $5000 isnt based on your gold, but rather the characters themselves. Assuming you have 250k in gold, thats only $1250 wholesale for the gold at today's prices. If we also take into account the wholesale value of the characters, it still wouldn't exceed the $5k at today's rates. Overall, the person offered you a good deal.

    However, it all depends on where you are financially to see if you really needed money or not. I personally could really use $5k right now.

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