Abyss Shatter - Interesting Fix to Falling Prices

Hey Marco

I'm a very big fan of your blog and i try many stuff that you tell on your blog.
And most of it works for me ^^

So today i saw something interesting at mmo-champion.com

  • Abyssal Shatter - Disenchants an abyss crystal into greater cosmic essence or infinite dust.

So i think going PDC every day a few times and disentchant everything and stack the Abyss Crystals would give at the beginning a few cash
The other thing would be that the price of greater cosmic essence and infinite dust would go down.

Maybie it helps you maybie not.

Thanks for your great work and continue with your work.



My opinion on this? Abyss shatter will work like disenchanting any level 80 green: 3.5 infinite dust and 1.5 Greater Cosmic Essences. This will help put a floor on the abyss crystal market... which desperately needs it right now!

4 comments: on "Abyss Shatter - Interesting Fix to Falling Prices"

  1. I don't like this at all. I would have rather seen them follow the trend from TBC and Vanilla and have Abyss Shatter create 2 Dream Shards.

    The dust and essence markets are already saturated. Adding this is going to crash them in the short term and depress them in the long term. Unless Blizzard increases dust and essence numbers for mats in the future (or adds new enchants), this could take a lot of wind out of JC.

  2. If shattering a crystal would yield the same result as disenchanting another green...then wouldn't the crystals fall down to the price of a certain number of dusts or essences?

  3. @ Padaan
    No because they still have value in various enchants but the scarcity of them is still there so the price will not fall to or below the value of dusts/essences.

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