Brewfest Boss - Save the Boe One Handers!

I received this excellent email regarding the new boe's from the brewfest boss:

This was hot fixed in last night to drop from Coren Direbrew. For the first few hours the price was incredibly high but as many started dropping and hitting the AH the price 'tanked'. This is currently the best BoE one hander in the game, rogue and DK alts will snatch them up then as brewfest goes on more and more will drop and the price will drop as well. It's already down below 1k on many servers. However, being as this is an incredibly limited time item and the best BoE for DW DKs and rogues, I'm going to be snatching up a few to relist at a later date for a great markup. My server has A LOT of people that are probably going to do this as well, as there are many AH players on my server, but I figure people on less played server will be able to make an enormous profit by doing this. Note that the above screenshots are not mine.

-Aleros of Feathermoon

12 comments: on "Brewfest Boss - Save the Boe One Handers!"

  1. The price 'tanked' :P
    I see what you did thar


  2. Don't forget enhancement shaman!

  3. Dwarf Shamans are coming in Cataclysm. These should be mandatory.

  4. Good advice Markco. Holiday items are generally worth more as time passes and people sell off their stash from the event. I have seen the Spring Tuxedo go from ~2g to 40+g, since the end of the Noble Garden.

  5. On my server (horde side) these Tankards are averaging roughly 1400g. I am really torn on this as I have 5k seed money to invest. The thought I keep coming back to is that, in 4 or 5 months when I go to re-list these mugs, who is going to pay more than that for what is most likely their alt character.

    Yes, i like to spend money...

  7. if you get one by roll then save it, but I really doubt it's worth investing in them. I've had a hard time selling purples and when I do I've often spend 100-150g or more in listing fees. It's an awful lot of work for something that's subject to that one person just needing that and have gold to burn.

  8. Thanks for the tip. I am now siting on 16 of these :)

  9. The prices on these have dropped to around 800 gold on my server. Buying these are a bit of a risk but I can't imagine the prices not being at least 2000 gold within a month. It's all supply and demand. The supply will stop after this week and the demand will be there as this is the only 226 BOE weapon in the game. I'm going to wait until midweek then buy out the AH (8 there right now). I don't want to do it now because I think the market will continue to drop this week and I don't want to prop it up by buying too early.

  10. I actually got 3 of these from drops out of the 5 runs that I've been in. The other 2 runs a kodo dropped ( I didn't get it) and another tankard dropped. looking forward to selling this next month for good prices.

  11. he's right... buy them they will be worth 2-3 times the current amount when brewfest ends. If you have patience to relist them and don't get frustrated when it doesn't sell the first time you relist it, you will make a mad profit. I have already bought 8. At 600-800g each.

    I did the same thing with titanium ore before the patch, sold over a whole bank tab of ore and it's all gone now, sold it for twice as much as I bought it for.

  12. I just picked one up for 600g, reg 800g in the ah, needless to say ill be pretty happen when i sell this in a few weeks

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