Crystallized Fire - Another Farming Option

I've gotten this email a couple times now so I thought I'd share the most recent one:

I just recently found your blog site. I have always struggled for gold and i have learnt so much in the 4-5 days from reading your blogs.

Took me a while to find a decent one for me but i picked up some great stuff.

Anyway to the point. Whilst i was flying around trying to find you "#1 best farming spot in WOTLK" Loc.

I got lost... and i found a different cave. This cave is GREAT for farming crystalized fire.

1 single eternal fire goes from 20-30 gold on my server. It has about 33% drop rate with the occasional

2. The mobs have the same amount of health as the Scions of storm and die quite quickly, but unfortuneately. they have a charge effect.

But this place is great if fire is worth more on the server or air is being farmed out. Great place.

Check it out loc (62, 41) Storm peaks


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  1. I love to farm these on my ret pally. For some classes like that, the charge works well to get the mobs in close. My priest on the other hand hates the charge that they do.

    These mobs have an unlimited spawn rate. As soon as you kill the last one, a new one pops up. It works well to double team this instance. Have one person circle the front and someone else circle down below.

  2. Do crystallized fires actually sell for less than 1/10 of the price of eternals on that server? Because usually buying eternals to convert to crystallized is good business.

  3. just wasn't doing it for me. i had much lower drop rate on crystalized fire.

  4. Any smart auctioneer should watch Eternal and Crystallized markets closely. Quite often one or the other will take a dive while the other will skyrocket. Recently, Eternal earths were selling for only 7g while their crystallized brothers well selling for 2g a piece, easy money.

    Also check the cost of these items to see if their prices have dropped, sometimes a new recipe, or new items available make some eternal/crystallized mats less in demand, it is at that point you will want to buy/craft/DE.

  5. best part about these mobs is the drop a ton of greens.. you'll find you'll get as many boe drops as crystallized fire and lots of greys. This is a great farming spot.

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  7. This is a great spot for farming crystallized fire. I ran through here for two hours recently, and had no competition. I was able to almost continually pull the entire time, this made it a very efficient farming spot. After 2 hours, I had 210 crystallized fire, 10 greens, and 90g in vendor trash.

    This spot is superior to Wintergrasp, simply because there is no competition.

    Now take this post down Marcko! :D

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