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Judging from the enthusiasm brought forth by you all during my last gold contest I can safely assume that you all love getting free stuff. Well here's another chance :)

I received this email two days ago:

"I wanted to share my new website with you, www.EpicScreens.com. I have always wanted a screenshot website from the game I love most, but didn't find any, other than what Blizzard has, but there is no community behind it as far as commenting goes. So that's when I came up with Epic Screens. I have owned the domain for about a year now, but only recently cranked out the site due to another WoW screenshot website. I was extremely disappointed in the site and decided to let mine fly.

Along with the website I am giving away 2 free copies of the original WoW game for submitting screenshots as I do not have too many since I did not want to take them from other places. I hope this does as well as I think it should, just wanted to spread the word to you.

Love the show and site, keep up the great work!

Well don't just stand there! Click and send in your favorite 'epic' photo.

8 comments: on "Epic Screens"

  1. Thanks for the write up! I have recived a lot of great feedback so far along with 100s of screens. I have a lot of work to do when I get home from vacation. Thanks again, love the site and thanks for helping me get another epic flyer!

  2. Don't wanna sound disrespectful but you haven't made any posts about the economy in a while :(.

  3. I use to love this guide but this just isn't the "Gold" guide it use to be.... I've made no gold at all from this guide in Wotlk but instead i've found another guide and reading theirs.. imo this guide doesn't give much helpful tips. There hasn't even been a youtube gold making video in a while and there arent even proffesion leveling guides on here. So I'm guessing that the readers have to buy your crappy book so they can find out how to level their proffs? This "gold guide" needs a lot of work!!!!

  4. How about you read the posts from the beginning of Markco's blog. These posts are still valuable today and atm there isn't much new things happening in the world of warcraft as we sit here and wait for 3.2.2 and 3.3. If you don't like the site it's cause you are the kind of person who wants a way to have money fall into your lap. I have a way, go buy yur gold off the internet.

  5. I make all my posts weeks in advance. Just because you don't see a strategy behind it doesn't mean there isn't one. If you haven't noticed the site's readers have been increasing, so it's entirely possible I'm doing a decent job.

  6. AMEN Rush if that person would take a minute and just check out the forums,they would find a ton of useful info.

    I won't say what tips I found just for the sake of that persons laziness but just to inform I turned my measly 1k 500 into 10k in one week during this weeks faire and I am loving every minute of it.

    Thanks guys for the great info.

  7. I don't usually post to comments... just read them, but this "Used to love your guide what happened?" crap is so inane.

    Most of the grab-and-hook blogs out there that force you to a guide offer ZERO helpful information for free. This blog has been anything but...

    Markco busts his ass every day to offer posts. I could care less if he talked about chicken factories and adequate storage for all those eggs. His site is a portal my friend. And a source of relevant information.

    He engages the community effectively, excels at the game (in many different aspects. I don't read just for the money-side), and he offers medium overload as far as information is concerned (ie. the blog, you tube, twitter, the guide, the FORUMS)

    Rush was right, go buy gold if you're that blind to all the info Markco has stored here. His blog is a continuous book that has yet to reach a final chapter. Go back and read from page 1. There's a lesson in there for you somewhere.

  8. Holy crap that was an epic comment. Next suggestion box friday is gonna be just your comment.

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