Farming Clam Meat from Nagaa in Zoram Strand

Check out this great farming spot for clam meat and small lustrous pearls.

3 comments: on "Farming Clam Meat from Nagaa in Zoram Strand"

  1. Hey Markco great tip wanna thank you for helping me make gold I made a bank toon+Guild on Sunday and today I have 3k in it towards my Epic flying I know some of you are going "3k that's nothing" but before I made this guild I had A LOT of trouble saving Gold today I also hit Exalted Champ of Org and Hit Exalted with Sons of Hodir hope you keep going with this you're really good at gold tips and hope you can find a good guild soon =)

    Twisting Nether

  2. Good to hear you are doing well, and I found an excellent guild!

  3. Gratz Man (Iro Again xD)

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