Farming in Prot PvP Gear

A lot of people have been asking me about prot pvp and since this video is both a farming spot as well as an example of my dps, I figured it would be a good fit. I am currently gearing for armor pen while slowly removing my block value except for t9 prot helm and shoulders. I will eventually switch to the 75 badge helm and t9 prot legs. Currently I'm wearing the t9 dps chest and gloves. As you can see from this video my burst is almost as good as shield slam damage but my dps has doubled.

This method of gearing for dps instead of shield slam has drastically changed both my playstyle and spec. Perhaps I'll save this part of the discussion for another day, now for the video :)

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  1. Markco...a couple of questions:

    1. Can you summarize in 2 or 3 bullets your key learnings these past few months in terms of gear/stats/gems/glyphs/tactics for prot pvp? What are your major takeaways from this retooling effort?

    2. Your UI is pretty vanilla, which is refreshing. What add-ons do you use?

  2. It's seems to change every day, keep working at it and keep testing. There's no wrong answer right now and if I fully explain everything I'm doing people will just copy me, that's no good for prot warriors as a whole.

  3. As a ulduar 25 geared arcane mage I can kill these before they reach me.

    Patch 3.2 increase our mana efficiency great while improving our dps massivly. In a raid setting I can hit for 24k with arcane blast. If there are enough worms to keep my arcane blast stack going I can 2 shot them. (15k hits). If there aren't enough worms to keep the stack going I can use arcane blast x 3 and arcane missiles for a super mana efficient but slightly slower kill. I don't useually use slow on them because they die before they hit me anyways but for less geared players slowing will make it so they don't even hit you.

    So yeah, add arcane mages to your list of high dps classes.

  4. Hi thanks for this, I'm a blood dps dk and I can literally farm and farm until my bags are full thanks to the blood worms giving all my health back. Definately a good find, been farming about 5-10 mins and already got a few greens and a ton of 1-2g greys.

    Many thanks, Skypirate EU-Thunderhorn.

  5. Hi Marko

    Just a constructive suggestion

    Can you post the coordinates of every locvation along with your posts?

    Many times the intro video is not clear enough where to find some locations(this one included) if you don't happen to know the area quite well...

    best Regards,


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