Farming Mammoth and Worm Meat Again

Here's the video + commentary:

There's another reason to farm here not listed in this video: In patch 3.2.2 the drums that you can create (aimed at providing raids with buffs which might be missing from certain setups) take jormunga scales! This is by far the best place to farm them if you take a detour into the cave north of where this was filmed. Simply kill both mammoth packs, do the cave, then come out and do the mammoths again. We managed to get about one artic fur per 10 minutes chain pulling like this but the real money was in leather, meats, and greens.

4 comments: on "Farming Mammoth and Worm Meat Again"

  1. Nice, too bad rogues suck at AoE'ing level 75+ mobs lol.

  2. speak for yourself i can easily pull down the group, bandage and move on (yeah slight down time with bandages but beggers cant be choosers :P)

  3. Hey, I have a question! I went to this location, and there's NO mammoths, just a bunch of the Hodir on bears fighting ice giants. Is this related to the Sons dailies?

  4. It's phased until you start Hodir stuff

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