Farming Spiders in WOTLK - Youtube Video Request

I got this tip from Rogueorc of Stormscale, but I need help fleshing it out. Please can someone make a video farming the mobs in question and post it on youtube? I'm looking for anyone with skinning and decent damage to do a quick 2 or more minute video of these mobs. Don't forget to try the kobolds and big purple spiders in the back of the cave.


im playing on stormscale server in wow character Rogueorc i found a good farming place i don't know if you know it or not.
In the cave at K3 in storm peaks is a gold mine :P if you kill the spiders in the cave you can get Iceweb spider silk that sell for 3-5g each and if your skinner you can get extra money. I went a run in the cave and i did get 10x iceweb spider silk and 3 stacks of Borean leather and 2x arctic fur. if you want you can make a movie on youtube and tell all other wow players.

Good Bye =)"

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  1. Can get a video up tonight if you want. I'll farm them as my enhancement offspec for a few minutes. It's sufficiently geared to blow anything away very quickly despite being offspec :)

  2. Nice, simply email me the link and I'll give you credit + post it on the blog. I'd like to get multiple videos so please everyone send in your vids, it's a great oppurtunity to get your youtube account some visibility.

  3. didnt find the drop rate so kind for the silk and who knows with artic fur. thanks for the idea though.

  4. I listened to the podcast on "How I WoW" and I realized that I was accidently making gold on the AH. I have been reading your blog now and I and just starting to pay attention like I should have been the whole time. So Thanks, man. You have inspired me.

  5. will be emailing you the link as soon as youtube decides to play ball and finish uploading the video.

  6. I just tried this on a rogue. This is the loot I got from 1 run:
    8 silks
    22 icy spinerets (vendorerd for 4g, 9s)
    4 acid drenched fangs (vendored for 1g, 23s, 75c)
    1 trash weapon (vendored for 3g, 31s, 36c)

    I didn't have skinning for this, and I didn't kill any of the kebolds. The time for this was about 8 minutes. Oh btw, I did see 2 saronite ore deposites, without tracking them. I'm wlaking around in the kebold side right now, and in the beginning I already see one.

  7. Chimei send me the correct youtube link, yours wasn't valid.

  8. That's a pretty decent spot. I farmed there a week ago, but then I found, that the drop rate and easier way for silk and leather(I'm not a lw, but I'm pretty sure) is in Zul'Drak. There you can farm mobs faster and use your fly mount when you need it. Here are the mobs that wait to drop some silk:
    and the biggest thing here is that this place(on my realm) is never overcrowded. the cave usually has 2 or 3 farmers.

  9. A lot of guilds have Naxx on farm. And the Arachnid Quarter drops plenty of icy spider silk. This drives AH prices down to 1g on my server.

    So I only farmed that cave if I actually needed the silk, not to profit.

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