The Forum Post You Need to Read

If you are interested in what to do regarding the onslaught of noobie auctioneers hitting the auction house for the first time thanks to MMO-Champion, then you don' thave to look any further than this post.

Hope that helps, don't forget to thank your JMTC community members once again.

2 comments: on "The Forum Post You Need to Read"

  1. Thats what you americans did with the world last year.....SPECULATION!!!
    Jokes apart, it is some sort of unintended speculation.

    Of mmo-champion editor wanted to make gold, he could say on his website you can make money with alchemy, but before doing this buying all herbs he possibly can. After his article get published, he AH the herbs for 2x, 3x the price of it. Thats media speculating

  2. @Backthief

    That wasn't speculation. That was just a goblin crashing the market to drive away competitors. Once the other players have quit the market,, the goblin can buy up their inventory for cheap.

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