Icy Dragonscales a waste of time? NO.

Icy Dragonscales have always been a difficult money maker for many many players. I still get emails from angry readers of this blog who took my advice and bought these up months ago when I suggested doing it.

Here's how I make gold with Icy Dragonscales:
Thursday evening I post 40 Icy Dragonscales for 26-40 gold a stack. Those two stacks are normally gone by Friday night. So basically I make as much as 40 gold a week from these, no questions asked.

Try doing this if you still haven't vendored your Icy Dragonscales, it's free money!

In case you didn't know, Icy Dragonscales are used in a variety of paterns 40 at a time for leatherworking. That's why you want to sell them in a full stack of 20, not 1 at a time.

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  1. I actually made a lot of money from your advice, I had no problems with selling them throughout a few weeks, like you mentioned.

  2. With 3.2.2 there is a new Pattern for Drums of Forgotten Kings (Mini BoK, +8% Stats) that requires 8 scales: http://www.wowhead.com/?spell=69386

    Selling in Stacks of 8 should also work now.

  3. It's all your fault, I invested everything I had in this and now I'm broke from listening to your bad advice?

    Speculation is just that and you should not hold yourself accountable for other peoples poor choices. You threw out an idea, as you do with a lot of things, and they acted on it blindly or not. I can't blame you for anything because you are sharing gold making ideals for free with no strings attached.

    I thought I lost a lot of gold on Arctic Furs, but I didn't make any rash moves, saved my stock and sold for double my cost months later. Some things take a while to pan out and now that you made this announcement Icy's may tank even further so I think I will buy 20 or so stacks for a rainy day.


  4. Since icy scales NEVER sells on my server (Garona-US), I know they are a waste of time.

  5. Ive got a question regarding leatherworkers. Ive noticed on my server there is never any knothide leather on the AH. I was going to pay someone cheap to farm a bunch for me. Does knothide leather still sell well enough to even bother with that market? Thanks.

  6. I've been buying off the AH for weeks for 1g or less, with 1g being the vendor price. I have about 35 stacks of 20 now. It's amazing how many people still post on the AH when they would get more selling to a vendor.

    When patch 3.2.2 came I made a dozen or so drums, some for the guild bank and some to sell for about 70g-100g each. Also I've been selling stacks of 8 Icy DS on the AH for 40-50g a stack (as 8 is the number needed for the drum recipe) . I've sold a few drums and stacks of Icy DS, so making a few hundred gold.

    In the end if none of the Icy DS sell I'll vendor them and I've lost nothing (well ignoring the opportunity cost ofc!)

  7. I buy stacks of these for LW in 20s every week or so, and often I can't find enough for my Icescale Leg Armors. If you're on Kel'Thuzad I'd be willing to buy them off you regularly. Whisper Syllenn and we can work something out.

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