Inscription - Another Way to Make Gold

Sell off hands with inscription. There's actually a very real market for them with fresh level 80 shamans, priests, paladins and druids.

Since there are still no honor weapons to be found on vendors this season my titansteel weaponry has been selling like crazy. What's more, my off hand books are selling from inscription!

I had long ago stopped crafting these books because they could not be disenchanted for abyss crystals as a gold making strategy once abyss crystals tanked after Trial of the Crusader was released.

With herb prices dropping milling has become even cheaper and thus the offhands can be sold at great prices to new players looking for something in that slot. This also saves a player having to waste badges on their off hand when they can get tier gear instead while initially gearing their character.

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  1. I wish herb prices were dropping on my server - I've seen a average 25-40% increase in the last month. And the inscription market, which until the last month was a nice little earner for myself and around 3 other inscriptors, has suddenly exploded with around a dozen AH campers.

    I dropped out of the inscription market, after trying to push out the competition and now I'm focusing on Card Decks. Interesting idea about the off-hands, though.

  2. I looked at the off-hands as ways of wasting money when I first saw them...until this past week.

    On my server, the mats for the Iron-bound Tome sell for about 110G, so I figured why not give making and selling them a try...I sold three of those, back-to-back each day for 575-590 each. Not bad for less than a minute a day.

    I also am debating starting on the card market, as scribes are now undercutting in a bad, bad way; down to 4G on popular glyphs that I could dump for 20-29G per.

  3. I am going to try this on my server. Will report back.

  4. I wish off-hands would sell on my server. My last Tome was listed at 90g in the AH for a week until it sold and I haven't crafted one since.

  5. Also with DMF in town don't forget to get your alt parked there for the cheap herbs (and everything else :)

    Also every now and again go chase after Flik and buy his Wood Frog Box if he has one for sale.

    I usually end up with 30-40 Wood Frog Boxes after DMF has finished and sell them for anything from 30g up to 100g. I just usually list 3 or 4 of theses after I've finished listing all my other auctions and they are usually gone in a couple of days. Easy profit.

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