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There are so many new blogs spawning from this one that I could probably write an article on each one and have over a year's worth of posts! Please, if I didn't list your blog here today write me an email and I'll take a look. There are just so many to go through and I really don't have the time to fit them into one post. Send me an email and I'll try to get you some link love eventually, and you can always post on the JMTC forums for more visibility.

Here are some up and coming gold blogs that I have enjoyed reading so far:

Bobreaze is trying out the Bid low, Sell Normal strategy I outlined many months ago both on my youtube account and here on the blog. Morgraanscorner is looking into using enchanting, tailoring and some flipping techniques for making gold. Diamond-Tipped Cane is a wordy but valuable blog that seems to be a little broader than the others, providing starter information and expecting you to fill in the gaps with your own ideas.

Why are these blogs worth your time, or any new up and coming blog based off of this one?

Think of these blogs as your own personal testers. They are coming up with new ideas and taking fresh looks at old ones; all the while allowing you to watch the entire process. Perhaps they will uncover and surpass an economic hurdle that would of bogged you down had you not read their blogs.

Enjoy these new blogs and definately drop them some comments to boost their morale.

6 comments: on "New Wow Gold Blogs"

  1. Thank you for the post.

  2. Totally off-topic but I just wanted to say that I hopped on the Xfire stream last night and couldnt stop laughing when you and that shaman 2v10ed that alliance ony raid group.

    Then they tried to camp you guys lol. Loved it!

  3. another great Gold Blog i read is
    check it out!

  4. Well, it's not really a "gold-only" blog, even though I do share some ways to make gold, but hey, thanks Anonymous for mentioning it :P

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