Orbs and Gems - Making Money from Badges

Moral of the story? Buy purple gems with badges and runed/crusader orbs for easy gold.

4 comments: on "Orbs and Gems - Making Money from Badges"

  1. Wow man thanks for doing this. I had no idea you could get those from that vendor. Cool

  2. Wow i thought this was common sense :o

  3. ...and the award for 'Shitting on good tips' goes to Ilikegold. I bet you frequent the greedy goblin blog; he likes to come here with his elitist attitude and shit on tips too.

  4. Having a different understanding of common knowledge doesn't make you an elitist, nor does it mean you are flaming anyone. Honestly, this tip does feel out of place around here since most tips seem to be centered around providing new insight that most overlook. I can't say I've met a person in game who, at this point, hasn't learned you can get gems from the vendor, although I'm sure they're out there.

    Look at it this way, if there was a post telling people they could vendor grey items, don't you think that would be a bit ridiculous? The only difference here is that Ilikegold had a different standpoint. Hell, he didn't even make some personal or stereotypical attack. If he would have said "God, only noobs don't know this" or something along those lines, I would understand, but just because someone has a different outlook than you on what common knowledge is, doesn't justify calling them a name being an ass.

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