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Prot is alive and well, living it up and helping my cousin Jhaman get geared in 3’s. We’re playing a comp that should not work… prot paladin, prot warrior, elemental shaman! The kills are hilarious and the damage is disgusting. I’ve been working for almost two weeks now trying to make the best gear setup possible for both damage and survivability. Trying to balance things that were never meant to be has proven to be a difficult yet rewarding challenge.

It’s crazy but I currently do more damage than an arms warrior with the control of a rogue. I no longer have to rely on cooldowns to kill stuff nor do I have to set them up perfectly with debuffs. All I have to do now is spam devastate/shield slam while keeping a target stunned/silenced and my partners throw in around 15k for good measure.

I feel that any more tweaking I do to the gear setup is just a minor bonus and I probably have the base for what stats prot pvpers should shoot for: 5% hit, 20% crit, 28k health, 2200 block value, 22% armor pen, 4100 base ap, +5% dev dmg, +10% crit dev, and 350 Resil.

I was smacking a 10k armory dummy with nothing but self buffs yesterday after buying the t9 pieces. Let me just say that a huge smile spread across my face when devastates broke 6k self buffed.

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  1. You'd better be making a video!.

    sounds like this season should be interesting for you ;)

  2. Yeah! Im so glad you didnt give up on it! My prot paladin is almost eighty, and in no block value gear (normal tanking blues) i was killing t7.5 geared rogues and mages without bubbling.. please make an arena or bg video of your new set? :)

  3. Markco, is the armor pen nerf in the next patch going to affect your performance at all?

  4. Nope, I'm going to get the armor pen t9 chest piece which will completely nullify the nerf. I just won't have the soft cap without getting another piece with armor pen on it.

  5. Is there any way you can link the paladins armory page? I'm a prot pally thinking of starting PvP and I'd love to look it over as a possible template

  6. I see you are running with 5% extra devastate damage instead of 10% extra shield slam damage in terms of set bonus. Does devastate make up such a big part of your damage that doing so is worthwhile?

  7. Yes sir, you get 2x devastates for every shield slam.

  8. I'm a prot pally just about to hit lvl 80 and not done any PVP/raiding yet - just levelling and AH money making. Any sites/guides anyone can recommend about how to gear up for starting PVP? Money is not an issue obviously nor is "grinding" but I want to know my stuff first before any big spending

  9. Enjoy your rise while it lasts. I'd love to see pre nerf/post nerf(season end) comparison of rating. I'm 110% for all classes and specs to be viable for arena. Common sense should tell you that a protection paladin being a much better healer than a holy paladin is simply beyond broken. I played a holy paladin in s3/s4 and remember the bottom of the bottom healer wise back then. I play a disc priest now...I've simply gone from one horrible experience of pally to the bad experience of disc. I still enjoy arena though :)

  10. What's the best 2s teammate for a prot warrior?

  11. The stats you have listed as a target, is it also a stat priority for this build (ie, aim for hit, then crit, health, etc)?

    I'm a newly minted 80 warrior, and very intrigued to try this setup.

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