Season 7 Deadly Honor Weapons

You're probably looking at that title and getting very excited...

Only to see this:


What does this mean for the pvp community? Major let down.

What does this mean for the auction house community? Major profits.

Those titansteel weaponry are still going to be of value to new 80's and what's more the prices have remained rather high with the rush to buy titanium ore instead of selling the bars.

Enjoy some easy profits and be sure not to post more than one or two each day as well as focusing on selling in trade chat to avoid ah posting costs and cuts.

Be prepared for major increases in enchanting mats, boe weapons, belt buckles, epic gems, blue gems, and other gear enhancers.

7 comments: on "Season 7 Deadly Honor Weapons"

  1. Sorry, new to PVP here, does that mean that PVP players won't spend their honour points on gear but will still have them to buy gems with? Or are they two different kinds of "currency"?

  2. He said there will be no weapons, not that there will be no new gear. With the new season, people will get new gear which needs to be enhanced, and that's where we come in :)

  3. Every time a new Arena season opens up their is always a massive influx on demand for gems/enchanting mats.

    This season is slightly different because one of the largest contributors of uncut epic gems is from honor, with people spending honor on gear instead of gems to sell there is less supply, and because that gear needs gems there is even increased demand.

    Also I personally know a large list of people who will be pvping for new gear instead of farming titanium for cash, further diminishing the supply.

    Especially with Deadly on-set and Furious offset pieces now available with no requirement expect a huge influx of alts and battleground only players to be further increasing the demand.

    Also expect normal non-epic gems to sell briskly and at higher than normal prices.

  4. Only the current top tier of weaponry is available when a new season starts. So today s7 starts, that means s6 weapons are no longer available. Its always been this way.

  5. Not true, in BC they had season 2 PvP weapons available for honor during season 4. They said they want to make sure that arenas don't become "welfare epics" anymore so they aren't allowing PvE players the ability to grind something to skip to a high-end weapon.

    Instead of forcing PVE players to PVP to compete they're doing the opposite and forcing PvP players to PvE for competitive weapons.

  6. Do you guys know of a date for the new arena season? I have only heard speculations. Thanks.

  7. @Peneznik

    It already started?

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