Suggestion Box Friday (9/04/09)


I’m going to spend some time with the family this holiday but if you’re playing wow for the next three days, what are you going to do to make money during the holiday? Are you going to take advantage of the extra day on the weekend for big profits?


Abyss Shatter

Sherretz said...

I don't like this at all. I would have rather seen them follow the trend from TBC and Vanilla and have Abyss Shatter create 2 Dream Shards.

The dust and essence markets are already saturated. Adding this is going to crash them in the short term and depress them in the long term. Unless Blizzard increases dust and essence numbers for mats in the future (or adds new enchants), this could take a lot of wind out of JC.

Another Farming Option

Wiggin said...

Any smart auctioneer should watch Eternal and Crystallized markets closely. Quite often one or the other will take a dive while the other will skyrocket. Recently, Eternal earths were selling for only 7g while their crystallized brothers well selling for 2g a piece, easy money.

Also check the cost of these items to see if their prices have dropped, sometimes a new recipe, or new items available make some eternal/crystallized mats less in demand, it is at that point you will want to buy/craft/DE.

S7 Deadly Honor Weapons

Rush said...

Not true, in BC they had season 2 PvP weapons available for honor during season 4. They said they want to make sure that arenas don't become "welfare epics" anymore so they aren't allowing PvE players the ability to grind something to skip to a high-end weapon.

Instead of forcing PVE players to PVP to compete they're doing the opposite and forcing PvP players to PvE for competitive weapons.

Selling Your Honor in Wow

tom said...

i had a similar experience with the bracers a couple months back.. asking for BoE Valor bracers for less than 600g was unheard of, but advertise buying your valor badges got me a couple for 400g.

EJ's Lesson on Deflation and Oppurtunity

Rybosh said...

Finally some quality advice on this blog!

@Rybosh : I lol'd :)

4 comments: on "Suggestion Box Friday (9/04/09)"

  1. Why does "Suggestion Box Friday" seem more like "This weeks posts negated since I rehash them all on Friday"?

    No offense, I love the blog, just seems to me like "Suggestion Box Friday almost never contains unique info, so the option becomes to not bother reading the blog on other days, or not read the blog on Friday.

  2. Suggestion Box Friday is meant to be a community event. You do not have to participate if you don't want to. Sometimes people comment with some amazing tips but other weeks they are just rehash and nothing new so I understand where you're coming from. Also, not every reader goes through and reads the comments, so I try to pick out the good ones and stick them on the front page.

  3. Suggestion Box Friday is not about the post as much as it is about the comment discussion afterward.

    Besides, in spite of the fact that you personally may not like SBF (I happen to, since I find it worthwhile to look at the critical comments for this week), this feature is nowhere near new...

    Suggestion Box Friday began January 23rd of this year (unless I missed it farther back even).

  4. If you look at my posting history here, I bitch when you post low oppportunity cost stuff.

    I.e. farming deadmines for 200g/hr when you can farm herbs in Sholozar Basin for 1500g/hr.

    Sure, some gold is needed when levelling but this is well covered by having a gathering skill.

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