Suggestion Box Friday 9/11/09

Today's Suggestion Box Friday is a very special one. Yesterday in the wee hours of the morning I was gkicked from my guild. It was extremely complicated as the guild leader is one of the most manipulative people I've ever seen. One minute he's throwing out insults and turning the guild against me, the next he's asking forgiveness and begging me to take down a forum post which shredded all of his credibility as a guild leader. It was interesting to watch and I realized just how childish some people can be over a video game.

He told me to take my 3.5k dps (I do around 4.7-5k wearing 90% pvp gear) and kicked me because I called into question the fact that he has taken every plate dps piece (3 total) as well as 2 trophies for himself. He said that he showed up the most so he deserved the loot. Right, the fact that he did barely #1 dps and sometimes was passed by people wearing nothing close to his gear says that he should not be taking everything. He's a terrible leader and a snake when it comes to manipulating people. I'm a lovable guy but I don't let you take the middle ground when it comes to how I deal with people. You either are my best friend or you're on the shit list. The stuff he did to the girls in the guild was deplorable as well... we're talking trying to get them to become his friends and then sending them naked pictures of himself... he's one sick piece of crap.

Needless to say I'm very excited to be done raiding with that lunatic Vaeros. I've gotten a ton of invites to various guilds and I'm whole heartedly considering joining Fierce... an alliance guild on my server. Wouldn't that be interesting?

Do any of you have your own story regarding guild break ups, getting kicked, or quitting guilds in general?

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  1. It is his loss Markco. You will find a great guild, move on and progress. In fact, I challenge you to do an update on this piece one year from now to see how Mr. Naked Loot Hog does and where he is in that same time frame. I'm guessing not so well.

    In short, go forth, kick ass... and profit. Don't sweat the small stuff and, if the naked photos are any proof, that guy is small stuff.

  2. Do I ever...

    I've never been gkicked in all my time playing WoW, but I have gquit due to drama more than once.

    My current guild (in which I'm an officer) I gquit shortly after Wrath was released because a fellow officer saw one of my characters (it's an RP server) flirting with a character that wasn't his and started calling me a bastard and a slut over it...this after two months before he had gkicked my wife for beating him in a duel. Apperantly a druid using cyclone against a warlock is 'cheating'. The leader of the guild begged me to come back, and shortly after the other officer quit the game.

    Another guild that I'd been in on an alt I gquit after several of the officers ganged up on the guild leader and forced her to step down, because they didn't like that she was giving all members who attended raids a fair shot at loot.

  3. See...Anonymous... that last one you mentioned about the lady stepping down because they ganged up on her. Ha! That coulda never been me, if I was her (Well..I guess it could if I was her... weird) I woulda /gkick'ed every last one of em. :-D

  4. Hope you land a nice guild. I'm sure anyone will be glad to take you on board.

    I don't know why people are so myopic about loots. They kill the goose that lay the golden eggs just to get an extra egg for the day.

  5. Heh, I got Gkicked from a guild a few weeks after wotlk came out. It was because of my raid attendance. They figured if I would rather run heroics then raid BT I should be G kicked XD. So I am in the middle of H Nexus and G leader is like "Why are you not raiding with us" I reply "Because this heroic drops better loot then Illidan and for a lot less effort." So he starts talking about how I don't care about raiding with them anymore and G kicks me. I guess the officers had a vote and decided to kick all the people who didn't want to "raid" with them anymore. Eh it pissed me off but now I am having a nice chuckle about it cuz I'm in a good progression guild and their guild pretty much can't get past siege I would assume :).

  6. Good luck Marcko. I have complete faith that you will find a new home soon.

  7. ... we're talking trying to get them to become his friends and then sending them naked pictures of himself...


  8. When Wrath came out, I was still leveling a holy priest for my guild. Needless to say, by the time I hit 80, my guild had already cleared Naxx.

    The day I hit 80, my guild leader took me to Naxx 10, and spent the entire raid yelling at me for not know the fights, and my poor healing capabilities...

    After 2 hours of this, I logged off. When I logged on half an hour later, I had been gkicked.

    Since that time I have chosen not to join a raiding guild again, and instead just farm gold, level alts, and pug raids.

  9. I've been a guild leader since 2005.. so i've only been at the other end..

    hrm.. re: loot, we use blind DKP. It creates less headaches and results in happier guildies with minimal loot drama. My wow-heroes score is around 8th or 10th place in guild around 2650. My DPS is normally in top 3. And no, those cheap rogues never trix me, they trix each other. i gotta get my DPS placement through my own abilities.

  10. So if you accepted an offer for an alliance guild on your server does that mean your going to faction change and leave behind all your friends on horde side? :O

    Also as a tip people should go read gevlon's guide to starting your own glyph industry :P. I started mine 3 days ago and im already making 1k gold per day :D

  11. I just started to read our server's forums. I usually can get a good chuckle or two and decided to check out your blog.

    So I'll try to give my abridged story of a guild break up;it is my own...well at least attempted.

    I started this guild (The leatherbound book club lol) with real life friends near the end of BC. Wotlk hit and a few real life people and some that came along hit 80 quickly. Then there was resentment, that I should step down so we can become a serious progression guild.

    Needless to say, I play WoW to have fun, make new friends, hang out with current ones. I like to see progression but I don't think anyone should ever pick WoW > RL.

    So all them left for the likes of Misery, Tenacious (at the time) and Korrupt Heroes.

    That definately knocked us a few steps we at the LBC are plugging along with all the problems of casual raiding guilds (attendance, gear etc.) But we are moving along and hopefully before long we'll have 25s running too =) During our raids we may not progress as fast as others, but god damn we have some really good times!!! Sometimes even wipes can be hilarious....Loot is never really an issue (Just moved to a loot council)

    Anywho, you mention your old guild and it actually makes me sad. I know content is like ZOMG amazing!!

    ....But I think people lose the core value of WoW. It's a video game!! Have fun! When you talk about your old guild leader, I think Dbag for sure. So if he's's kind of his fault. My true sympathy goes out to the players that stay in guilds like that to try to see content. The ones that don't have fun anymore just to raid...that just doesn't seem to be worth it.

    Not saying the progression is what gets some loins stirrring...just saying I like to laugh.

    Anyways, I hope you find a better fit for yourself. You seem like a pretty down to earth guy. I'm sure there's a ton of guilds that want you that you'll have more fun/see more content with!


    btw if you go Alliance. Hai my name is Yumyumsushi, don't kill me =P

  12. Seriously What the fuck is wrong with people I thought we were done sending nudes when AOL went out of style. I finally found a guild that has awesome progression and everyone is really chill, but the guild leader will call you out for standing in the fire which is awesome. You can come to Lothar I'm sure we would be glad to have you.

  13. I had a guild. It's actually the guild I run now. Back then it started as a fan guild for my podcast Wow: From 1 to 70. So I had a few officers and things were going OK.

    We were a leveling guild with a lot of kids in there. There was some infighting, that I tried to keep under control, and it kinda worked. Then a lot of the officers hit 70, and wanted to raid. I was still level 55, yet they wanted me to try and set up raids. (this was before the leveling nerf, so 55- 70 was a long way off.)

    So I did what I could to get some rules in place and appoint raid leaders from the officers to help get things going. Things seemed to have leveled out, so I took a few days off the game to go watch my daughter be born. And to help my wife and stuff like that. First kid, really exciting.

    I log on 3 days after the birth to find that all my officers quit the guild and posted a ton of bad things about me on the forums. All while I was away, and they knew it.

    Now I am the first to admit I was doing some stuff wrong as a GM. But to bail on me and the whole guild like that really stung.

    In the end we all joined up with another guild, then that one imploded. When that happened a lot of the old members begged me to re-form the Spirit reavers. That was 2 years ago. We have been going strong ever since.

    So I guess I did a few things right to have them want me to lead again. And since that time we have done well. cleared Kara in BC, and with the new 10 man content our small guild is now working on the keepers in Ulduar.

    Spirit Reavers, on Anvilmar. I would not have it any other way. I truly love my guild, and the support I get now.


  15. Just curious how the hell you were in that guild so long with such a jackass. I would've dropped in a heartbeat.


  16. It was the only EST raiding guild on the server :(

  17. I was playing another game, Last Chaos. Joined a guild with a name like "The Knights of Good" or some other lame name, but pretty good guys, though the Guild leader himself seemed distant. No problems there. One rule in guild was to never bad mouth the guild. Again, no problems there. Made a few decent friends.

    One day a guild member who I never met before was talking in the public chat about how the guild is a bunch of jerks, how the guy who formed the guild was a bleep and that he was going to perform a coup and clean house. I politely disagreed with this lout and promptly reported it to the second in command of the guild. No problems, right?

    Wrong. Turns out it was the current guild leader being a jerk, attacking everyone in the guild (leaving himself out of the discussion) trying to get people to be on his side, and to cause unrest in the guild to firm up his role as leader, according to his own explaination when the guild founder and second in command recognized his alt's name.

    So I got kicked from the guild, for following the guilds rules, because the guild leader got caught doing what he accused others of doing, and to cover his butt, he cleaned house.

    I left the guild, and never looked back. Ended up trying some other games, and ended up with WoW, for now.

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