Suggestion Box Friday 9/18/09

Community Spotlight: Video on Farming Crystalweb Spiders. Not too much to this video except showing you what the spiders look like in the cave and how frequently they appear to drop ice web spider silk. Thank you Chimei of Kilrogg EU for the submission.

The one comment you all should read from this week:

Railverson said...

I don't usually post to comments... just read them, but this "Used to love your guide what happened?" crap is so inane.

Most of the grab-and-hook blogs out there that force you to a guide offer ZERO helpful information for free. This blog has been anything but...

Markco busts his ass every day to offer posts. I could care less if he talked about chicken factories and adequate storage for all those eggs. His site is a portal my friend. And a source of relevant information.

He engages the community effectively, excels at the game (in many different aspects. I don't read just for the money-side), and he offers medium overload as far as information is concerned (ie. the blog, you tube, twitter, the guide, the FORUMS)

Rush was right, go buy gold if you're that blind to all the info Markco has stored here. His blog is a continuous book that has yet to reach a final chapter. Go back and read from page 1. There's a lesson in there for you somewhere.


Have you gone back and read the old posts to see what you can learn, have you made use of the forums, youtube, twitter, etc found here on the blog?
Quick Tip:

Don't forget that tomorrow is Talk like a Pirate Day! As suggested by darryl, you should head over and grab the admiral's hat pattern for some quick money :)

9 comments: on "Suggestion Box Friday 9/18/09"

  1. where is this cave btw?

  2. here:

  3. Amen to the Markco busting his ass comment. With out Markco's blog I would not be sitting on my mountain of wealth that I currently am.

    I guess Markco doesn't get enough props for his hard work. Your work is appreciated man and keep it up.

    Not only is there more information found here then anywhere else the forums alone are inspiration to do even more with your AH time AND it's all FREE.

    Just shows people will always bitch regardless of what you do.

  4. Marco thanks for all you have done with your blog. It has inspired me to start my own. The first post is about how four words you said changed my view on wow and how other people can use it. If you wish to view it Thanks for your insperation and knowledge.

  5. A suggestion i have for anyone leveling inscription. Buy Northrend herbs in bulk get someone to mill them and use the ink of the sea to buy ink in dalarn. Then sell the snowfall ink on my server they go for 20-27g. Im hoping to sell 40 for around a 1kg which makes more profit than the cost of my herbs.

  6. Nice post bobreaze! I'll try to get a link to that post in the future, right now I have a virus on my computer that I have to get rid of first :(

    Good luck with your blog!

  7. Sorry to hear that hope its not a super annoying virus such as antivirus 2009. Thanks for your encouragement.

  8. It was antivirus 2009. Needless to say I bought a new computer. I'm not paying $300 for a 50/50 chance of fixing a 3 year old computer. I'll get back to work on the blog as soon as I have all my programming and gaming stuff reinstalled... time to reinstall wow oh god.

  9. Hey have you heard of Ultimate boot cd 4 windows ? you can boot to it to try to clean the computer of virus. It works look into it then you can have a new comp and the old for backup.

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