Suggestion Box Friday (9/25/09)

Everyone having a good friday? I am feeling pretty good but it has nothing to do with world of warcraft. Today starts my new workout / diet I've been working on the past few weeks and I think it's finally time to impliment it. I definately needed it because sitting 12 hours a day between my job and this one has slowly but surely taken its toll on my body. So I am going to approach this problem the same way I do everything in life: Do the best I can or not do anything at all.

Now for the weekly comments, this week was pretty lively in terms of discussion.


Regarding Watch me Live - Wow Tutorials

Anonymous said...
I think you should just stream it all the time, or whenever you want. I'm sure there is some widget you can place on your blog to see if you're live.Also, as an idea to help promote your xfire stream better, perhaps set a day where you and a couple buddies go out and gank or do arenas and stream it live. Plug the date a week in advanced that way you'll have more viewers. Personally, I enjoyed watching you and that shaman gank outside Onys lair the other night.

To Anonymous: Yeah that was pretty funny. 2v10'd em. I took your advice and put a widget on the front page :)

Regarding New Wow Gold Blogs
Anonymous said...
another great Gold Blog i read is
check it out!

To Anonymous: Blackwolf, a JMTC forum admin runs that blog, good stuff.

Regarding Youtube Comment that Gave Me a Headache

Onewing said...
If we were to give the commenter as much credit as we could, I'd equate his statement of luck as an actual measure of time. If he is searching for ways to make money, the two most prevalent things he has seen are a) gold sellers and b) sites and videos claiming that he can make 600G/hr. The 600G/hr sites are pretty easy to interpret after a while - they are relying on two things. 1) That you won't notice that they measure their drop rates (and thus ROI of time spent) are extremely idealized. 2) The statements of 600G/hr are based on AH value of items, not actual gold. Now the savvy AH pro can actually convert that value of 600G in items to actual gold, but it often takes multiple selling cycles to post a large quantity of farmed materials. At this point, the average Joe just looking at the 600G/hr site sees a lot of luck involved - luck on drops and luck that the materials will move on the AH the first time they are posted.Its wrong, but it is a little more forgivable than just flabbing his mouth off calling AH playing luck based.

Regarding World of Warcraft Gold Blog. Why?
Carbon said...
I read JMTC because your always posting new strategies on making money. I'm not a farmer and a lot of your posts seem to be farming based but I enjoy expanding my knowledge on areas that I don't personally pay attention to. I love being able to help people struggling with making money by giving them advice on where to farm without it actually affecting my markets. Plus being a regular on JMTC forums it would only make sense to check out the JMTC blog wouldn't it?


Have you gained some weight, no matter how small, from playing world of warcraft?
What do you plan to do about it, if anything?

19 comments: on "Suggestion Box Friday (9/25/09)"

  1. I started playing WoW at uni, and I'm not gonna lie, I must have gone up a couple of sizes (its now 2 years after I finished) (I put my 2nd year uni ball dress on the other day and I had literally a handful of material at the back in my hand to make it fit at the front it was miles too big for me) but part of that was not playing on my 6th Form sports teams anymore + eating and drinking like a student! (although I did a 10 minute walk to and from uni at least once everyday, sometimes 2/3 times a day).

    I've now lost all the uni weight, I'm pretty tiny again, but combined with a deskjob, I definitely need to do some form of exercise but my god I hate traditional exercise like running and the gym!

    Good food is something I can get on board with though!

  2. I started playing wow a few years ago and my exercise routine has slowly diminished. I was a college athlete prior so it's been tough coming to grips with how out of shape I've gotten. About 3 months ago I started having health problems for lack of exercise and poor diet so I picked up running and Ultimate Frisbee to motivate me to stay on point, and decided my new slogan was going to be "Committed for Fitness!"

    My suggestion: find something that's fun (for me, it's ultimate) to keep you active, and stick with it! WoW won't be around forever, and if you neglect it, neither will your health!

    Stick with it, Markco - you won't regret it.

  3. Also I meant "committed to fitness" - apparently good ol' exercise can't cure my lack of proofreading.

  4. I had lived a very active life in college, walking everywhere, playing sports, hitting the gym, and I was in very good shape back then.

    When I moved up here to help out my wife's aunt in a sticky financial situation, I got a job that I had to walk about ten blocks each way five days a week, but it still told on me physically, since I would finish work, then come home and just sit, because I was tired from the day of work.

    That was about when I started playing WoW, so I think it was a combo of both.

    The birth of my twin sons and my wife and I's decision that I stop working and become a stay at home father has meant that I'm spending more time sitting (while rocking them to sleep, feeding them, reading to them) and so I'm no longer the college athlete I was, definately.

    I'm hoping that as the twins get older (they're two now) we'll start walking to the local park and playing there, etc, and I'll get back in shape from that.

    -Tufak of Feathermoon

  5. Been playing WoW now for 6 months, after taking a year off for school and such. I have to say thou that I've never had a problem with weight gains or health issues due to the fact I'm a professional firefighter which causes me to workout 3 times a day and eat 5000 calories....

  6. Hey Marcko I thought I'd mention a workout and nutrition plan you have probably seen before it's called P90X and it features a different workout each day of the week that target cardiovascular fitness, strength and flexibility. I've gone through the program every 9 0days for the past 2 years and I'm 5'11'' and now a jacked 165 pounds. Just thought I'd mention it. It's an amazing product that I've recommended to many friends and family. It comes with a day to day meal plan type deal that you can follow or ignore like I did.

    You can buy it for like 120$ or just download is from (I'm cheap)

  7. The biggest problem for me is sitting 12 hours a day. My goal is to work out 1 hour a day, and on my off days I'll just walk for an hour instead of running. Currently I run around 2-3 times a week for 2 miles but it is no where near enough. I'm going to take this oppurtunity to share the experience with the blog, and hopefully help some of my readers out as well.

  8. Not from WoW specifically (it hasn't helped, of course!) ... ever since I graduated from high school I've been in a sedentary way.

    Like Glinda, I hate running, but in May I started to make myself do it. There's a great program called "Couch to 5K" on the web that mixes in a bunch of walking and turns you from a couch-dwelling slob to someone who can run 5K in a matter of weeks! I highly, highly recommend it ... ESPECIALLY if you think "I hate running" and ESPECIALLY ESPECIALLY if you think "I couldn't do that."

    I've lost 20 pounds and a pants size in the past few months and will be running my first marathon in a few weeks. All that and 100K gold in WoW! Who knew?

  9. And, incidentally, I should mention that all that weight loss was WITHOUT any dietary adjustment. I still eat an embarrassing amount of fast food. But when you're burning 800-3000 calories per workout (those runs get LOOONG at the end of a marathon training program!) it's just a matter of simple math. (Like splitting Eternals into Crystallized Fire.)

  10. From what i've seen of your posts, strategies and howiwow podcast i feel obliged to tell you about H.I.I.T. You dont have to spend 1h/day on workouts with this efficient method. Cheers Markco!

  11. College I went from about 150LB to 185LBs by the end, as a programmer I would work for 6-8 hours on the computer then use the computer for games and other stuff for 6-8 hours most days and my diet was not exactly healthy.

    Over the last year i took off 30lbs by forcing myself to stop using vehicles so much, weather and distance permitting. The hardest part was finding something simple to do without having to change my lifestyle or give up my favourite foods.

    That and winter in Canada can be an easy excuse to break good habits, thats where I had to tell myself to suck it up and wear more layers.

    I noticed my gameplay improved as my energy levels were higher and even my work improved. I dont notice the extra time it takes to walk rather than drive and if im not at my house I dont feel the pull to be on the computer that made working out at home fail.

    This was an easy comprimise for me, i kept all my yummy(bad) foods and i didn't need to schedule training or hit a gym (something that can be hard to keep up with)

  12. @ Woot:

    Fast food isn't just about the "calories". There's a severe lack of nutritional value that won't aid in you losing weight (high amounts of sodium, etc.). Nutrition is just as important if you want to be truly healthy.

    Stick with it, Markco! Let us know how it goes.

  13. I started playing WoW in 2006. Since 2006 I've lost 80 lbs. I have several hundred hours logged. I was 203lbs back then, now I'm 120ish.

    I just eat better and exercise 30 minutes a day.

  14. hell no, if anything wow has made me more fit. each time I want to play some wow, I tell myself I need to first run with my XC team or go on a 1.5 hour bikeride. This also cuts down on thte total amount that I play per day, after work and everything :)

  15. I'm very skinny, and tbh any weight I can gain is much welcomed >.>

  16. Very thoughtfull post on fitness. It should be very much helpfull

    Karim - Mind Power

  17. Hey mate. Losing weight is not difficult if u can do it right. I'm an exercise physiologist and personally would recommend a bmr (basal metabolic rate) calcation to start. U can figure out generally the calories u burn each day. Follow with three hiit sessions a week (high intensity interval training). It's a bit of a meathead site but has a lot of good quality information. In the body sculpting section there is some stuff on hiit and slimming down. P90x in my experience is great. Quite difficult from a reconditioned state and doms will kill (delayed onset muscle soreness). But the vids are great quality and progression levels are realistic. If u can manage it tho, get a personal trainer. Buy a 12 week block, make sure u research and find one that really really really knows their stuff. This way means u don't have to think. U just rock up and all brain activity goes into exhausting your body. Best value for money I think. Anyway I hope this helps mate and best of luck!

  18. Yeah I am slowly creeping up there. A year ago I was commuting by bike to work 2 mi each way. Then, new job, and only a 0.5 mi bike every day. Now, no job, and very little biking. It's very hard to get out there and do exercise for me. For me I dont gain weight, but my muscle turns to fat, so I can def. see that I have alot more adipose than i had a year ago. It's pretty sad. I'm not huge by any means, 175 lb and 6 feet, but still.

  19. Since I started playing wow in January I have lost 50 lbs and Saved about 100 dollars a week drinking. I have also participated in my first marathon relay and now I'm training for a half marathon.

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