Thank you MMO-Champion, Now we PWN YOU :)

I'm not one to judge websites when they try to help people, but mmo-champion did this all wrong. The way to help people is not to tell them exactly what you want them to do, but make them think for themselves. So it's time for me to counter everything they said today, and make my readers money out the wazzoo.

For one, go sell eternal earths, borean leather, cobalt ore, and eternal shadows. The price won't last forever. If the price has not increased on your server, buy them now and relist as the price goes up.

Make enchants when infinite dust plumets. They will sell better than the dust.

At first enchanting mats will plumet, so pick them up early and make your enchanted vellums. Then when the prices react to the fact that eternal earths are 20 gold a piece you can then sell your vellums for much more because the dust, essences, and greater cosmic essences will also react to the increased value of the materials.

This is a gold oppurtunity like no other.

Thank you mmo-champion!

9 comments: on "Thank you MMO-Champion, Now we PWN YOU :)"

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  2. What?

  3. geeze most of these items are all gone and what's left is overpriced.

  4. So, for those that don't realize what Markco is talking about (he has a tendency to forget some of the "background" explanation sometimes) has posted an AH guide recently (as of 9/28/09 9:30 pm Pacific) it was still on the first page.

    The guide gives very specific suggestions (more like commands) on what to farm/sell, craft/DE, snatch, or just simply what to search/resell.

    Markco's entry is a response to that guide, suggesting to his readers what to sell now or later, as a counter to all the "amateur" auctioneers who simply read the MMO-champion article.

    That should do it. And Markco is right...they guide will only destroy the markets, it won't spur those readers to try and do something else, most are likely M&S who will simply follow the: step 1, step 2 formula.

    Ultimately, auctioneering is about being flexible, there is always money to be made, even off of people trying to make money :)

  5. Hot diggity damn! It's worth it to farm right now!!!

  6. I'm so glad I read/use your advice as a template and don't follow MMO-C blindly. Thanks as always Markco!

  7. I doubt anyone will use the information from mmo-champion, because people either already make money or they don't care about.

    Setting up auctioneer and scanning the AH does consume time.

    And people are normally afraid of investing any amount of money.

  8. Markco - There you go again making me more gold.

    The problem with guides like MMO-Champs is it doesn't teach the new guys how to adjust to the market. Some will stick, but most of them are flash posters. As soon as they see how much work is involved most won't last.

  9. I'm glad we think the same Marco. As soon as I saw this post on MMO-champion i KNEW the prices of borean leather, cobalt and other stuff that (to be honest, most of us here already knew about) MMO-champion recommended that people buy to earn gold would skyrocket. So I logged on early and grabbed everything and am now selling it for profit :)

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