Too Greedy

Blackmane, a regular poster and MVP for the JMTC forums is hard at work on his own blog called Too Greedy.

"Most students are now back to school, so we should expect market changes to what they were like in June/July. There will probably be less buyers, and also less sellers, which may be good or bad depending on the point of view. Less buyers isn't a very good thing, but we can live with it, because there are still weekends. Less sellers may mean less supply and then higher prices, and it also means less competition, which means less work hassle for us auctioneers.Be ready for these changes, and take advantage of the sudden lower number of players. Take this opportunity to make a statement for yourself on the markets you play. Show competitors you're not gone, and pull your weight for this; you may get people out of *your* market if you did the right thing during Summer time (I hope you weren't a cricket ^^).
Play Zamboni style (JMTC forum members know what I'm talking about) if you have what it takes, or just take it softly if that's your own way. As long as you have a strong presence, there's no wrong way to go. But make sure you have the money for it beforehand!

This "event" is already causing changes (most likely on every server). Check this topic from the JMTC Forum.
(Thanks Jean de La Fontaine, for creating the fable "The Ant and the Cricket", otherwise I wouldn't have been able to metaphorise this post ^^)"

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