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So I have this new snazzy computer and I'm thinking about testing out XFire on it. It would be nice to get the XFire going again so people can watch me both making gold and playing pvp.

My question is, what do you want to see me do in world of warcraft? Do you want XFire running non stop or only when I do something I feel is important? Do you want to see raids? How about random duels? Etc.

Looking for any ideas regarding a system of 'going live' so everyone on the blog knows when to check if I'm streaming live. If I turn on sound in XFire you'll even be able to hear me talking over ventrillo or skype I believe.

Shoot some ideas around in the comments section, and looking forward to broadcasting again.

Also, speaking of broadcasting, there is a good chance that I will participate in a gold making show with other blogger(s). Everything is very hush hush right now but I'll let you know if anything becomes of it.

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  1. I really want to see some prot war arena. I think if you are on AJ then it would show up automatically on their streams section too.


  2. 10-0 this week, wish we had broadcast that lol. I'll look into the AJ's thing.

  3. PvP for sure...

  4. To be honest none. If had time watching you, I prefer to spend it making me some gold. As of PvP - why not. Then again would probably never log in to watch it couse I would not remember / not have time.

    My opinion: record it, choose best arena matches and youtube them.

    For me broadcasting is only interesting to watch a high end PvE guild doing new content.

    Just an opinion of a casual player enjoying Your blog.


  5. as anon said, recording is best. if ppl have time to watch streams then they really have no lives. then again, college kids have nothing better to do, at least the ones without real majors or friends.

  6. @Last Anon:
    Wow, that's one serious major stereotyping you do there.
    I have watched e.g. the BlizzCon stream and some of the random raids / matches that have been streamed.
    And yes, I am still attending university, but would you consider a working on a masters degree in chemistry, not a real major? Or do just not have friends?

    Best might still be recording though, mainly because of timezones which screw up a lot.

  7. Shigato- Doomhammer said... September 24, 2009 at 10:57 AM

    Duuuude!! do both lol... you know theres tons of ppl who would watch u stream almost anything.. probably pvp more then anything... AND record the stuff.. like ur shield slam montage, ppl will watch u and the ones who dont can watch a recorded vid.. everyone wins!

  8. You may want to try out broadcasting on a site called, there is a very large gaming fan base there, and a lot of people broadcast/watch WoW so you could also use it as a tool to get new readers to your blog.

    I've broadcast some 360 and WoW games and the setup for broadcasting couldn't be easier to use.

  9. I think you should just stream it all the time, or whenever you want. I'm sure there is some widget you can place on your blog to see if you're live.

    Also, as an idea to help promote your xfire stream better, perhaps set a day where you and a couple buddies go out and gank or do arenas and stream it live. Plug the date a week in advanced that way you'll have more viewers. Personally, I enjoyed watching you and that shaman gank outside Onys lair the other night.

  10. I would listen to a pod cast... while farming. :)

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  12. Stream live for fun, I say. I'd recommend using a twitter account to alert people who wanted to watch that you were about to be livestreaming.

    Love the idea of a gold making podcast.

  13. I would love to see me some prot pvp.

  14. Hey Markco,

    Personally, I would prefer to see streamed content whenever you're doing something fun or causing some shens. A successful 2 man Ironforge raid with vent commentary would be at least as good as sitting down and watching something random on comedy central >_>

    I would also like to see you stream 2v2 and 3v3 arena matches.

    When it comes to things such as farming spots, making use of profs, playing the AH, or implementing a specific strategy in your Prot PvP I would prefer for you to just record it and put the videos up on youtube with some commentary...I guess I would say whatever it is you do, please include voice commentary explaining or discussing debatable aspects of it from your point of view.

    I believe it is your perspective on the game and our class that allows you to do the things you do. I want an insiders look at how you think and approach situations more than I want just video of you doing things. IMO, this would set you apart from anyone else doing something similar...not that I've ever seen anything like what you're doing before =)

    Koloblicin (Maelstrom)

  15. Arena matches would be the most interesting but it's nice to see some random things as well.

  16. Hey Markco
    I have to Say i LOVE this idea.
    I'd say do some prot pally streaming for sure. I'm curious to see how the "nerf" to prot has affected paladins. If it forces them to go holy then all is well. I arena with a disc priest and I feel that holy pallies are bottom tier along with disc priests for arena.
    I think podcast would be cool. Maybe have convos with different mvp's of the forum. Take like the best 5 mins or so with a couple for a nice podcast.
    The Aj streams are a great way to get traffic btw.
    Anyway, I love the idea. I'm sure you'll come up with something fantastic.
    P.S. As far as streaming arena matches, sure, have some at a predetermined time. Though I think some should just be on the fly. Always nice to get the unexpected.
    Take care man and best of luck!

  17. Been testing xfire out and it looks like when people log on to watch it can get very short bursts of lag. It's enough to worry me about broadcasting my 3's games. Perhaps I will still do 2's since those are so freaking easy.

  18. I would like to see 2;s,3's you kno arenas... and also random duels and you making gold :) If you don't mind.

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