What makes a good farming spot in world of warcraft?

YARRRR!!! Here's my criteriar for when ye be looking for a good ole' farming location in wotlk or anywhere in world of warrrrrrcraft:

1. Mobs drop items used in more than one profession.
2. There are nodes around the farming location for atleast one profession.
3. After the mob dies there is the possibility of skinning, mining, or herbing the corpse.
4. Mobs die quickly and are close enough to reduce down time between mobs.
5. The combination of materials gathered from the farming location can create an item or process for making more gold.
6. There is the chance to hit the jackpot and get some kind of really profitable item.
7. The area is relatively safe, and an added bonus would be that the mobs are neutral.

Let's go with an example from Burning Crusade: Legion Hold
1. Cloth, reputation items
2. Mining Node and Herbing Node
3. Nothing Here
4. Very quickly and respawn insanely fast. Tightly packed for easy killing/looting, extras can be pulled at leisure.
5. Cloth + enchanting mats could be used in tailoring to make some gold.
6. Cards and expensive blues could drop here. You could also get fel armaments.
7. Not so safe unless you were fully geared, an elite patrolled but could be avoided. The mobs could also suddenly group up on you and respawn faster than you could kill them.

Think about this criteria next time you submit a farming location to the blog or when you are just off looking for a place to kill some time. If you have a farming spot you'd like me to look at then scroll down to the bottom of the page and submit it to me via the 'ask markco' button.

2 comments: on "What makes a good farming spot in world of warcraft?"

  1. Cards and fel armaments? Was this written for BC?

  2. i can't read, nvm.

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