World of Warcraft gold blog. Why?

This isn’t a confession but a fact: I have never taken an economics course. I have never taken a course on SEO or online marketing. All I had going for me when I made this blog was an idea, motivation, and the entrepreneurial delusion that most Americans are born with. I learned more from writing/marketing this blog then I could possibly have learned from four years of college. You see college teaches you how to work for someone, not how to work for yourself. You can imagine my shock when JMTC seemed to double in hits each month and became a special place for other gold seeking, creative players to mingle.

What is it that makes JMTC such a special ‘place’? I look at this blog and I say to myself I could add this content or that, I could do this differently, and a slew of other additions I’d like to make a reality… but… somehow the blog is succeeding without them. What did I do right? What was the reason for this ‘success’? Was it the content? No it couldn’t have been the content because it doesn’t seem to matter what I write about, people keep coming back to read again. Before I answer the question, think for a second and ask yourself: “Why do I read

I have two answers to this question:

1. It’s the reader next to you.
2. You want inspiration.

It’s an amazing concept, but I think it’s true. The first thing I do after a post goes live is check the comments. I don’t look at the google stats, the SEO content, or anything like that. I look at the comments. Don’t you do the same? You want to see what others think and I am simply the catalyst to allow that connection to proceed and prosper. The forums were originally designed to be an extension of the comments section for each post. Now look at them… they are an encyclopedia and all I did was write the titles to each forum… the content is YOURS.

My goal behind writing this blog was to create the catalyst for other players to connect and to inspire them into doing great things. Some say I did this for the gold guide, which I would have a tough time proving was not the case even if it wasn’t. Keep in mind that the gold guide sales go straight to supplying the blog with new features, such as the forum which I pay top dollar to keep 100% up and ready for expansion each month (I have upgraded the server package three times) and I consider it my ‘salary’ for blogging, testing content, and providing new ideas for the community. But you can’t deny the results of my many hours of work: A place where inspired individuals can share ideas about making gold in world of warcraft.

It’s your blog, with my creativity as your foundation.

I then look at the dozens of blogs sprouting from my own. Each one is basically a JMTC clone to some extent, but with the twists that having a different author brings. I absolutely love the fact that people are mimicking my success, there is no greater flattery than copying. I mean this in a good way, I want to see these new blogs succeed just like mine did and I’m happy to give them some link love. Unlike some sites which stop linking to me simply because they think I’m a threat. *cough not naming names cough*. If only they’d realize that linking to similar websites actually helps their SEO; something I learned quickly in this ‘business.’ Feel free to use the ‘link love’ section of the forums for a great list of JMTC-like sites.

So am I full of crap? Why do you read

In future posts I will be sure to link to some of these growing blogs, which will also give them some time to get more posts up.

15 comments: on "World of Warcraft gold blog. Why?"

  1. Well i would have to agree you are the catalyst for me starting my own blog. What is realy impressive though is you are teaching people to make gold and offering them a forum where they can connect. Most wow gold sites offer buy only guides and tell you nothing. JMTC offers tips on how to make gold and a guide to supplement the tips. Its pretty genius and when cataclysm comes out and the guide is updated ill be leveling a goblin following the guide.

  2. I read JMTC because your always posting new strategies on making money. I'm not a farmer and a lot of your posts seem to be farming based but I enjoy expanding my knowledge on areas that I don't personally pay attention to.

    I love being able to help people struggling with making money by giving them advice on where to farm without it actually affecting my markets.

    Plus being a regular on JMTC forums it would only make sense to check out the JMTC blog wouldn't it?

  3. tbh, you do have a good blog running here, but Greedy goblin is a bit better tbh.
    from the newer blogs i like one-copper and phase3profit too. just cause all the three mentioned blogs are giving their own thoughts on every topic

  4. I love your blog! It's inspired me to go for the WOW gold cap and i'm writing a blog while doing it :) Check it out at:

  5. Thanks for everything you have done here. You are very involved with your readers. I started as someone that would drop comments or send emails of ideas I had.

    I then turned to the forums where I found many people just like me. I had so many ideas that I wanted to share, I ended up starting my blog.

  6. It makes an excellent example to show students (both players and the ones in my Econ classroom) how things function and as a place to test out various theories. The fact that the community is generally of a genial nature is icing on the cake.

  7. Greedy goblin is an entertaining blog but it seems recently gevlon does not post about making gold and post more about raiding and retards or a combination of rading retards. Ive found all the off shoots from JMTC very fun and informative to read because you get to see what others are doing to make gold. THen you can apply it in your own way.

    Since people are dropping links to blogs ill post my own. I started it because of JMTC first post is kinda a tribute to how markco changed my view on gold making.

  8. Why do I keep coming back here?

    Mostly because of the reasons you came up with: the community and being able to bounce around ideas with fellow gold makers.

    However, the biggest reason for me is that you changed the way I thought about the AH. It went from being intimidating to my own personal playground. Marcko, thanks to you, I went from never having more then 3k gold on me, to currently being very close to the gold cap.

    Simply put, your methods work, and this blog breeds great ideas (and, as you mentioned, can be very inspirational).

    It doesn't hurt that you don't feel the need to constantly shove your ideals down your readers throats, like some other famous(infamous?) WoW gold bloggers.

  9. I have loved this blog since the first day I found it from a link on wowinsider *cough* I didn't really care about being gold capped, but I sure did want to be able to get everything I wanted. This blog helped me transition from a have not to a have which is a great thing for me and that is the biggest compliment I can give you. Thank you very much for this blog and the resources that you have made available on your forums.

  10. The only reason I read is to find out if that hunter you beat in a dual like a year ago ever paid up.

    Joking aside, it's always been great. You've definitely paved the way for all sorts of new sites.

    In other news, I looked at my adsense earnings the other day and was quite surprised. I want to see your report page!

  11. I don't read your blog for inside tips, or good farming spots, or what have you.

    I read it for the analysis of the current market. Also, I love reading about your arena endeavors. I hate PVP, but reading the post about you suddenly making your Prot spec work for you, that really put a smile to my face.

  12. I started with the JMTC blog, but its the forums that I really love - chewing things over with the regulars. The blog is still really useful for overall themes like patches and big ideas, plus I like trying out new stuff, maybe a farming spot here and there.

    But the forums...this is where I learnt my profession: trader! And continue to think through the market movements and how to take advantage of supply and demand.

  13. tbh: You had NOTHING to do with me starting the goldmaking blog O_O

    seriously and i'm sorry it's like that but nothing.

    I started 'cause of the fear of losing Greedy Goblin.

    I do read your blog once a week, and it does have good stuff in it, but tbh. It's not my style of reading/writing.
    No bashing intended, since it's certainly a good blog, just not my style of blog if that makes sense in english.

    The Forum however = very very good.

  14. Only just came across this blog via google and I think I'll come back as I like what I see - hard to read properly though as I'm at work.

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