Youtube Comment that gave me a headache!

“Could you show us a spot that doesn’t use the ah luck like cooking?”
This comment made me go... what? Seriously? Ouch, my head hurts.

Now I'm not demeaning the person who wrote this, he is actually being quite serious. What really made me upset for this person was the word 'luck.' As if using the auction house is based solely on the random event that someone will buy your item at the price you want to sell it. There is almost no luck on the auction house, unless of course you consider finding this blog as a lucky thing. Then yes, there's a lot of luck in the world of warcraft auction house!

To the player who wrote this, now is your chance to change that 'luck' into certainty. Read this blog from beginning to end, dive into the forums, watch the auction house youtube videos, and most importantly experiment in world of warcraft. Educate yourself and most importantly have a blast experiencing the learning process.

Get used to it because you never stop learning.

Since you are obviously very new to the world of warcraft economic system I would start off with items you personally use or buy frequently. Find out what that item is worth to not only yourself but other players. Is it used in professions, is it used in raiding, etc etc. Then find out what you and more importantly other players are willing to pay for that item. Watch the auction house each day and observe how the item's price changes througout the week. You'll be well on your way to becoming an auction house pro.

4 comments: on "Youtube Comment that gave me a headache!"

  1. The only 'luck' in the AH is when you get 'lucky' and find an idiot that priced their item too low or bought yours too high. But even then, you were the one that planned for such an occaision by either scanning for such mispriced items or pricing your items at high but still sellable levels. Your headache is understood!

  2. Honestly, luck does truly play a role in the AH. I mean, of course there are trends to follow and in general, if you know what you are doing, you will make a profit. However, you never know 100% when someone will click 'buyout', nor will you know when someone will undercut you. A lot of purchasing decisions, despite all we do, are still done on a whim. When a choice is made, outside every controllable, predictable factor, luck will decide.

  3. If we were to give the commenter as much credit as we could, I'd equate his statement of luck as an actual measure of time. If he is searching for ways to make money, the two most prevalent things he has seen are a) gold sellers and b) sites and videos claiming that he can make 600G/hr. The 600G/hr sites are pretty easy to interpret after a while - they are relying on two things. 1) That you won't notice that they measure their drop rates (and thus ROI of time spent) are extremely idealized. 2) The statements of 600G/hr are based on AH value of items, not actual gold.

    Now the savvy AH pro can actually convert that value of 600G in items to actual gold, but it often takes multiple selling cycles to post a large quantity of farmed materials. At this point, the average Joe just looking at the 600G/hr site sees a lot of luck involved - luck on drops and luck that the materials will move on the AH the first time they are posted.

    Its wrong, but it is a little more forgivable than just flabbing his mouth off calling AH playing luck based.

  4. Well, I think the way that the 'average joe' role comes into play is that the luck aspect of the AH is much more visible when you only are dealing with a handful of auctions. When you're posting frequently and have many auctions going at once, the fluctuation of sales is a lot less visible.

    For instance, I sell glyphs on my server using QA to maintain 300-500 auctions at a time. Some days I will sell something like Glyph of Fire Elemental Totem for a decent price. There is no reason or logic around why someone would buy this terrible glyph, let alone at a high price, but when you have the same glyph posted all the time, eventually that luck will strike and someone will buy it. However, to me, it's just another expected instance where even the bad glyphs will sell eventually.

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