10 Tips to Leveling Professions

Certain professions literally pay for themselves while you level them, here's a quick look at the basics behind how you can make money leveling your professions.

10 Tips to Leveling Professions

1. All manufactured materials have a use or can be disenchanted. Vendoring is the worst option 99% of the time.

2. Leveling Professions that compliment each other is a huge bonus and allows for more options when making gold leveling up.

3. Always focus on both at once, don't skin level 40 mobs when you're mining is so low that you can only do copper. Try to achieve a balance.

4. Put everything up for auction you don't need for later use. Be careful, some professions require earlier created items for more complex and higher level crafted items.

5. Have the bags for the job. I find that all 20 slot bags works great, instead of focusing on profession specific bags. You never want to toss away the whites/greens you get killing mobs while leveling professions.

6. Purchase skills frequently. Mining for instance can be a lot faster if you make use of the smelting patterns you can purchase.

7. Make dalaran your home. Even if your character is a lower level, this helps a ton with traveling around.

8. Get routes and gatherer. These addons make farming a sinch! Make use of sites like wowhead.com to find where items drop from monsters for farming spots.

9. When the skillup is green, it's time to move on. Don't let guides online fool you that it's worth it to level up through green skillups.

10. Certain items are worth far more leveling up than others, particularly items used by level 80's such as early level glyphs. Pay attention for these awesome sellers and perhaps spend a little extra time at those locations farming, maybe even farm till the skillup is gray instead of green.

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  1. 11. Use a skill-up guid, but don't stick to it.

    12. Ackis Recipe List


    Use Ackis Recipe List which shows you where and how you get all the missing recipes for the profession you're skilling.

    > 9. When the skillup is green, it's time to move on.
    > Don't let guides online fool you that it's worth it
    > to level up through green skillups.

    Obvious, but worth mentioning. If the green recipe is a money machine, continiue doing the green one. Arctic boots (for disenchanting), ammunation, scopes. Stuff you're going to sell with profit anyway.

    > 7. Make dalaran your home. Even if your character is a
    > lower level, this helps a ton with traveling around.

    Shattrat has the same advantage, without the lag. :-)

  2. I agree with this post can't wait till blizzard makes leveling up proffessions to 300 or 350 easier. Currently mining is in my opinon the longest to level up Herblaw is slow to. Skinning is the easiest because you can get skins while you quest instead of going out of your way.

  3. For leveling mining. Go to the netherwing ledge in Outland. They are abandoned and crowded with ore which skill up long.

    Even when the nethermine ore is green you skill up faster then searching for orange cobalt. :-)

    Then turn the ore in for rep or money in the AH.

  4. A tip that I would recommend: View your time leveling up a profession as a chance to learn that professions marketplace.

    Knowing the marketplace of your profession should come naturally, put pay special attention when you yourself struggle during certain levels, those same levels may be an opportunity to make gold after you have maxed out the profession.

  5. This is such a great example of why this blog works so well for both the hardcore and the casual gold-making player in WoW. Never underestimate the value of stating what appears to be obvious. I doubt any of the hardcore players reading this don't do each of these steps to some extent, but having them written out provides a focus that can improve the process. What seems like a post targeted at the casual player still provides value to those dedicated players that typically scoff at the "casual" tips on other sites (i.e. Wow.com)

  6. IMO an addendum to #2 is needed. While leveling complimentary skills is a good thing when it comes to leveling them at an equal rate it bears mention that in order for the skills to truly be complimentary the player must determine a value for his time. As an example, leveling skinning paired with leather working is useful because you farm your own mats. But, if you do not value your time spent skinning you will undercut your crafted items value. Farming /= free.

  7. It's absolutely true that farming your own mats doesn't mean they're free. What it does mean, though, is that you're not going to *overpay* for them when there are shortages of those mats.

    On the other hand, if there are shortages of a particular mat, that also means that you could be making a killing off of those mats, too. Really a question of priorities, and making an investment in advancing a skill.

  8. For leveling mining, there are some points where smelting works quite nicely (and a bonus if you're leveling another profession that can use the bars you smelt).

    Also, in some cases I've found that leveling on green stuff is worth it, especially if the mats for the yellow or orange recipes are costly and the green recipe mats are cheap/easy to come by.

  9. @ Richard - Agreed. The smart leveler could make a killing just finding what people need and farming for it. For example wool on my horde server is typically 10g a stack. That's your mount money in an half hour or so. And if the mob give you XP? If I'd need the gold I would just farm those mobs until I level past the area.

    Smelting - Silver ore is unique because the skill up range is large and its useful for jewelcrafting. However it is extremely expensive; i've seen upwards of 10g per ore. For me, I sold the ore and powered through the ten or so skill points it would have given me.

    Also dont forget the gather enchants. +5 to gathering goes a long way

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