Arctic Fur Predictions

In patch 3.3, Braeg Stoutbeard is going to sell Arctic Furs for 60 Borean Leather (10 Heavy).

What does this mean for the speculators? It's time to buy up Borean Leather, and lots of it. If you want to make a killing off this change then you are going to want to follow these instructions very closely.

1. Sell your arctic furs slowly over the span of the next two weeks. Try to get as good a price as possible while also listing just enough to not send the market into a tizzy.

2. Buy up Borean Leather at a price that will make you money from disenchanting. This way if the market doesn't work out you can craft Nerubbian Legguards and still make gold.

3. After weeks of buying up the leather, you will be ready to make your move on patch day.

4. During patch day, post your borean leather after the first crazed hour or two when people are buying it up. Then post your borean leather for 150-300% markup of what you purchased it for. Try to entice the people who already stockpiled borean leather and are trying to corner the market to buy you out and relist. Post slowly and you will make a killing.

5. If you want to gamble you can buy out arctic furs when the market is flooded with them over the week or two after the patch, but that's up to you. Personally I will be happy with just my borean leather sales.

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  1. "10 common resource = 1 rare resource" worked well for Jessica Sellers and her inks, so it's not entirely unexpected to see it expanded into other fields.

  2. I figured Jessica was only there because the other ones require you to go back to the lowbie zones, not just that they were rare. Either way, I'm extremely excited for this, my Arctic fur stock has dried up lately (in the 120g each range, with 4 up at once max).


  3. I will definitely watch carefully for next days the impact of such announcement, I have read this tip over three web sites so far. On my server, the leather stack as from today is below 7g, I already start to save them in bank.

  4. Hmmm what do u think about buying heavy borean leathers too? they are cheaper than 10 borean leathers.

  5. okay so marcko my question is when do you think we should start liquidating our stocks? I have around 85 stacks of saronite for my Up and coming J/C who is still only lvl 1, working on the BoA's still haha, its obviously just stuff i've acquired on my main, i am thinking i should slowly drop most of that back into the AH, because i dont think i will be able to do the Saronite Shuffle before it becomes obsolete with Cataclysm. So what are your thoughts?

  6. Should bring these questions to the forums :)

  7. Also.. transmute:titanium no longer has a cooldown sooooooooooooo you figure it out.

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