Best Places to Power Level Someone

If you're going to powerlevel someone, do it in the right locations!

Here are my favorite power leveling spots in the game. The last three are awesome for having the person just sit there in xp range enjoying the slaughter and aren't as dangerous as moving through an instance (come on we've all lost a lowbie or two powerleveling them).

Dead Mines - Wool Cloth
Scarlet Monastery - Silk Cloth
Dead Trolls in Eastern Plaguelands - Rune Cloth and Essences of Undeath
Legion Hold - Netherweave Cloth
Sholozar Basin Undead - Frostweave Cloth
Icecrown Warlocks - Frostweave Cloth

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  1. scarlet monestry is Silk cloth not linen cloth :D

  2. np

  3. Im pretty sure its higher dropprate for Linen cloth in Deadmines, Stockade is a great instance for woolen tho

  4. what is XP range?

  5. A great place (Horde favoured) is Shadowfang Keep. Place the lowbie on stairs of the courtyard, pull the courtyard, dining room and the worgens in the room above. Run back to stairs and AoE the lot. Go out and reset, rince and repeat. This is loads of XP for the lowbie, and alot of wool/linen/greens for DE. If you decide to clear the whole place you also have a (microscopic) chance for Shadowfang.

  6. I often use instances to powerlevel an alt on my 2nd account. It's profitable if there are 2 players involved, but to be honest I don't loot anything but the boss. Stopping to loot everything, I might as well just go quest, it would be quicker. I can see how it would be quite profitable if the 2 toons are played by different people.

    I powerlevel in SM from level 20-35, running library, armory and cathedral. I only run graveyard once for the achievement as the XP is terrible. From 35-45 I do Zul'Farrak clears - I average just about one level per clear with 2 heirlooms. Don't forget to click all the graves in front of the Witch Doctor, as a level 80 tank class you can open most of the graves at once and AoE them down.

    I've been looking for a place to powerlevel after 45, Sunken Temple isn't bad but the XP/hour just isn't that great. I'm going to give the dead trolls in EPL a try, thanks!

  7. farming
    where they are is a great place for a 72-78. Especially if they have skinning, this place is a non-stop gold'n'exp-mine. I ran there as a affliction warlock rounds and rounds, never have ran a full circle without mobs, guildie 72 druid looted them and handed me this silk.

  8. I have found Scholomance to work very well for powerleveling alts once they hit 45. At 45 they have an absurd aggro range, so you have to be careful.

    The last piece of the instance has a number of mini-bosses, but not a lot of trash so I tend to leave and reset after the room full of acolytes who start out yellow.

    One thing I love about powerleveling in scholo is Argent Dawn rep, which will be more then enough to get characters to get to neutral which is required for the 5 turn in quests added in the original Nax patch.

  9. For 45-52 or so, some friends of mine found BRD to be very good. Lots of cloth, the drops are good for the leveling character... and the ones that aren't largely DE into large brilliant shards which both sell well and are used in the Crusader enchant. The sheer number of things to kill adds up; skip the emperor and the back area in front of him.

  10. Any update on when the podcast is coming out Markco?

    Sorry if you have answered this already.

  11. No update just yet, we have to get a site setup for housing it and such.

  12. I would have thought that those places would not be that good for leveling someone, since first and foremost, you have to get them there, which restricts them to a level either low enough to get them there which with aggro can at times be a bit difficult, or high enough to fly there which in turn limits there low levelness to level 77.

  13. you can fly a little earlier than 77 now.....

  14. I powerlevel a shaman on a second account right now (stacked with 4 heirloom-items) and these are the dungeons that I do (using a lvl80-tank-dk). Note that I do other dungeons too a) for the achievement and b) for quests:
    - 15-23 deadmines; you can pull the entire instance in four steps
    - 23-30 stockades; one pull
    - 30-45 sm-kathedral; one pull in less than 3 min; looting takes 5min tho
    - Zul'Farak is no good anymore, since the mobs will unmount you every time and they also frog you forever, however I do it twice because there are 6 quests that give nice exp and magic cloth
    - 45-55 brd; one pull in the gauntlet to Bael'Gar and another pull in the big room right after entrance including High Interrogator Gerstahn
    - 55-62 stratholm; living side in 20min but only twice for quests; undead side in 20min; be warned tho, those eyes like to spawn on your lowbie
    - 62-65 those bird-people in terokkar forest
    - don't miss nagrand-arena-quest
    - every tbc-dungeon at least once including their respective quests to 68
    - get a warlock to summon your "lowbie" to the isle of quel'danas and do MT over and over again ^^
    (only to the first boss, can't do the 2nd boss solo on my dk and I imagine the 3rd "boss" would be a pain).
    - powerleveling will end at 72, from there my "little" shaman will do on his own

  15. When they hit 72 have them buy flying and sit above you in sholozar basin next to freya. There you can kill the never ending stream of 73's.

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