Building Trust

A few days ago I posted about dream shards going up in value, and a few comments really got me thinking.

Do some players truly believe that I make posts to somehow benefit myself? That I had tons of dream shards waiting in the wings or something that I was going to dump and try to sell after this post? I had 11 dreamshards in my bags across all characters at the time of the post. I like to keep about a dozen for the enchant chest - powerful stats which I sell about once every 1-2 days for 100 gold profit.

Since players seemed to be worried I was going to try and somehow 'use' this blog (which is ridiculous and flies in the face of everything I've stood for since day 1) to scam my readers, please note that that has never once happened and I'm not going to start any time soon.

Dream shards will go up in value due to abyssal shatter going live, and they will never go lower than the cost to make them through disenchanting. Many enchants take dream shards to create, and with the reduced cost of other mats, it only makes sense that dream shards will go up.

Hope that clarifies my previous article.

14 comments: on "Building Trust"

  1. Marco don't feel bad man, we know you aren't trying to benefit, you don't need to try anything like that as your strats allow you the freedom to do what you want to do and not worry.

    And I must apologise now as one of my comments hinted at what you posted, but hey, I did mean it tongue and cheek :P

    Keep up the good work and don't let the bast**ds grind you down :D


    Sorry for disturbing and offtopicing but it's urgent... There is new MMOChamp post so everyone who loves to beat M&S using guides go go post Thorium Ore @ AH...

  3. Do you even have enough readers to justify giving out tainted advice? Would your blog make that much of an impact (at least on your realms)?

    I surely didn't mean that to sound rude, so I hope it didn't. But I just wonder that IF you were going to try to "fix" prices, wouldn't there be a more effective way than bloggin about it?

    Anyway, I think it's highly unlikely that you post advice just to benefit your goblin pockets.

  4. Don't take it personal Markco, flattery is for sale, jealoussy has to be earned.

    Even if you did post stuff to profit from yourself, people just shouldn't be too much of an M&S to blindly swallow any advice.

    Good point on the Thorium Mookey :-D Emeralds at only 5G will be a blast too, especially since they cover the hardest stretch in a jewelcrafter's career ;-)

  5. Bloggers don't care about the impact their posts have on economies- information is indeed powerful, but we each only live in a 200th of the economy (or however many realm/faction segments there are).

    And for what it's worth, every time I meet a fellow trader and ask what blog they read, it's been JMTC. Except the scribes. Those guys read the greedy goblin.

  6. There are always cynical people wherever you look. These people think that the only reason anyone does anything is for personal gain. I pity them since their world is so poor. I'd say don't mind them at all, Marco, since they're only a small majority, thank god. :)

  7. This just shows that you are reaching a wider base of readers. Just a small percentage of your readers are idiots. The more idiot comments you get, just indicate the larger number of readers you now have.

    Feel free to just delete those comments.

    Back to the topic, I know my competition reads my blog. I will offset things I do or try by a few days or even weeks. I write the post in the moment but queue it out several days.

    Like this last week, we had an herb shortage. I was weak in the market while I got things in order. I am back in the market at full force now because of an ink farmer I picked up last tuesday. My post that talks about my first buy from him will show up in the morning.

    With that said, I am not manipulating my markets like those guys sugest with the blog. But I am keeping myself 1 step ahead of my competition.

  8. I've come to believe that you would never post anything to increase your own bank with gold. Period. Why that is I can only guess, but generally I believe you're just that kind of guy, and you make more than enough anyway.

    That said, I don't agree with your advice. I for one have far far far more green gems that what will ever process, and 2 banktabs full of Eternal Earths, so if the demand start to climb I'll just make more. I'm possitive there must be others in the same boat as me, ready to pump out some shards if the demand spikes.

    Someone might argue that I'd get a better profit from the Eternals if I turn them into dust. However, I have a steady supply, so there's no risk of running dry, and a spike in shard demand is just more earnings for me.

  9. You shouldn't feel bad at all Marco, some people are wont to distrust those who seem nice and helpful, and it does nothing but reflect their own distrustful nature at times like this.

    On the topic of dream shards, I have been seeing their price rise on my server as well, and I am rather excited to have another market to start playing around with that is related to one of my current ones (enchanting).

    I wonder if 3.3 won't help more of a dream shard shortage via 3 new 5 mans, all dropping epic gear in both versions. Come 3.3 you could run 4 heroics a day and never see a blue drop.

  10. i believe that Abyss shards will go up because many people will be breaking them into other enchanting mat.s, making the supply go down while the demand stays the same.

    also if you're holding onto any enchanting mat.s, that will be made from breaking abyss crystals, waiting for them to go up you better sell them before the patch goes live or you'll most likely lose a lot of money.

  11. I believe that most right-minded individuals can tell how genuine your intentions are by now. Your interview on the How I Wow demonstrated that you are sincere and enthuastic. I wish you well in all your endeavours.

  12. [sarcasm] This post looks to me like exactly the kind of thing someone looking to take advantage would post... [/sarcasm]

    seriously though...

    the people whose opinons you should care about know you are sincere... the others - well they can think what they want - but those who actually follow your blog and enjoy it will not be swayed by idiots trying to bash your reputation...

    keep it up man - it's a great blog you have here and seems like a great community backing you up - really nothing to worry about :)

  13. c'mon Markco. I wouldn't be teasing you if I didn't appreciate your work. But regarding dream shards, beside the "production" factor I mentioned in the previous comments, there is another one:
    Now I don't think this will increase the amount of enchanting materials on the AH, but it will cause some decrease in demand.

  14. I think Markco that people started to wonder about the "make profit myself by doing a speculation tip" lately because of MMO-C.
    Tbh, I wouldn't even say that it is a bad thing, since it would just be what we all want to achieve: More gold.
    Also the trick of fake-speculation is not a new one, as it is used in RL (stock)broking, or also in e.g. EVE Online where some weeks ago a guy got caught doing exactly that, making up a story (actually, I think he had inside info or something) about things becoming valuable and "Buy Buy Buy" while he already had a lot and just had to sell them high.

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