Disenchant as a Loot Option in 3.3

Abyss crystals are going to see a nice increase, as you can now d/e something in patch 3.3 as a loot option.

That's probably going to look like this:


In fact, the pass option might dissapear entirely. Neat stuff!

Looking forward to this change, even more infinite dust and greater cosmics will be flooding the market as people d/e the cheaper abyss crystals. Supply goes up, price goes down. When that hits, abyss crystals should see a similiar dive to what they saw when TOC 5 man came out and dropped epics even in normal mode. Be wary of buying oppurtunities in the weeks after patch 3.3, especially during the day when most pugs are running, instead of at night when raids are in session.

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  1. Hey markco!
    Where did u see that?

    I've looked for this info on patch notes in wowhead and the official site and haven't seen a thing.

    Anyway... that's sad, abyss crystals and dream shards are a great income..
    You think the price will recover after a while?

    btw, I got your guide, very nice. Gotta apply lots of things yet, but great guide.

    Best regards,

  2. Thanks! Yeah everything will be fine, you'll be able to run like 4 5 mans in 3.3 that don't drop blues so dream shards should be fine and abyss shatter will keep abyss crystals in a good place.

    Good luck!

  3. Finally! I'm tired of having to tell the whole group that I'm a DE just to have everyone greeding on every piece of BoP loot...

  4. I see no reason why this wouldn't apply to greens as well.

    However, I also don't think it will make that much difference to enchanters.

    I expect a lot of people will STILL want to sell these items for the cash they're always short on instead of getting enchanting mats to save for when they need an enchant. The majority of people are just short sighted like that.

    I'm not saying that to be mean or imply people aren't smart, it's just that there's a tendency to be "Immediate needs oriented" as opposed to thoughtfully planning for the future.

  5. My question:

    Will you still have to have an enchanter in the group to use this option, or will the game somehow disenchant the item for you without the need for one?

    -Tufak of Feathermoon

  6. I don't think they would add the possibility of everyone disenchanting just like that. That would be unfair, imo, to enchanters since they had to raise their skill to 375 in order to disenchant level 200+ items.

    That's just a flag to show your intentions with the item, i think. What matters most is the order they it will come. Before or after greed.


  7. why do you guys think this change is good? i make my gold by farming the ah for greens and selling the mats. this will just result in less greens on the ah, and more mats. they are cutting the middle man (me) out of the equation. its bad all around.

  8. @Matt - buy up cheap enchanting mats and sell some sweet enchants on the AH. Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing the mats for fiery weapon enchant going down, because I can still sell the enchant for about 90g on my server.

    Markco, do you know if this will be an option for running solo? My rogue isn't an enchanter, but he can solo most Azeroth content like no one's business. Would be very good for my (lower level) enchanter.

  9. @Matt/Hob

    Matt, you're right, this is not very good for people that make money off high level enchant mats. I understand why blizz is implementing these changes. On some servers (namely low pop ones) enchant mats are grossly inflated with respect to their prices. On high pop servers, where there are more 'goblins' (ya that's a plug) enchant mats profit margins are much smaller.

    On high pop servers I expect to see a decrease in value of the enchants across the board. Will it be a lot? Probably not too much. There is usually an enchanter in every group anyways, but with that being said there will be more mats hitting the market and supply demand = lower prices.

    What to do? Diversify. If all your eggs lay in enchant mats I would liquidate at reasonable prices until the market re-stabilizes.


  10. The biggest question, I think, as already mentioned, is whether it is merely a flag to say "I would like this item disenchanted" or whether the game disenchants it for you and drops it in the winner's bag.

    I'm leaning towards the latter - why bother having a flag, after all - you can just greed the items and get someone to DE later; or with BOP items/epics, the standard thing is for the group enchanter (if you have one) to DE and then everyone /rolls for the mats. A flag would essentially be a voting button that is unnecessary because you could just decide at the start of the run that all unwanted items be sharded.

    If the game did it for you - that's pretty nifty, and would really make things easier for enchanters as they wouldn't have to do all the DEing and trade everyone each time. True, some would be annoyed that they might not get as many materials, but I don't think there would be much difference between how things are now, and when this change goes in.

    However - as liene said - what happens when people actually want to take the item itself - to AH or vendor?

    Will Greed be higher priority than DE? Or can we assume that Greed and Disenchant will be on the same roll "tier", perhaps? So if I roll Greed and Bob rolls DE, the computer puts us in the same roll bracket, and the highest roll wins their choice?

    - if I win, the green lands in my bag
    - if Bob wins, 5 dust land in my bag


    That would make rolling for epics a slower process because you have to wait for genuine Greed rolls first..

    If people Greed the item for offspec, you couldn't have your designated enchanter person hit DE, or they might win the roll and the item would be disenchanted when it was actually wanted by someone else.

    So, then, would the DE option need to be lower priority than Greed?

    If *that* is the case, I believe it will cause fights in 5 mans because some people will still want to pick up greens, while some people want the shards.

    Interesting stuff - I'm realy looking forward to seeing how they handle it.

  11. I still can't find any confirmation of this.

    Where did you get this information?

  12. As about 99% of all WoW news from MMO-Champion.com:
    Interface Changes
    "You can now roll to disenchant an item in an instance.

    * +LOOT_ROLL_DISENCHANT = "%s has selected Disenchant for: %s"
    * +LOOT_ROLL_DISENCHANT_SELF = "You have selected Disenchant for: %s"
    * +LOOT_ROLL_ROLLED_DE = "Disenchant Roll - %d for %s by %s";
    * +LOOT_ROLL_WON_NO_SPAM_DE = "%1$s won: %3$s |cff818181(Disenchant - %2$d)|r";
    * +LOOT_ROLL_YOU_WON_NO_SPAM_DE = "You won: %2$s |cff818181(Disenchant - %1$d)|r";"
    Source: http://www.mmo-champion.com/news-2/patch-3-3-ptr-build-10554/

    @Blogpost: I am really curious, as most other, whether I will be able to use it on my own and in a group without enchanter. Also wonder about loot priorities and whether some people will screw 'me' over with BoE items when they select disenchant, etc, etc. So many unanswered questions. Let's hope we will get more info soon.

  13. How does your article regarding dream shards stands now, that i pointed you this info, Markco ?

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