Disenchanting Idea - Onslaught Rings

Onslaught Rings - The best item to create and disenchant for greater eternal essences and illusion dust! There's just one problem - the mats are ridiculous!

For one onslaught ring you need a thorium setting, a powerful mojo, and an essence of earth. That's anywhere from 10-15 gold on my server, and the ROI is around 2-10 gold after disenchanting. That's not that amazing, unless you go and farm your own materials.

Here's where I would go to farm those materials:

Earth in silithus (northwest corner), powerful mojo in eastern plaguelands (Undead trolls up north), and teh thorium setting (need a thorium bar from darkwhisper gorge or sillithus).

The best way to farm for this ring is to send a toon to sillithus and a toon to eastern plaguelands and farm them one after the other, using the chapel and the cenarian camp to mail the items to your jewelcrafter. Since those areas are low level you don't even need a max level character to farm there. Deathknights would be recommended for eastern plaguelands right after they leave the starting area and anyone can go down to sillithus.

This market is one of the hardest markets to enter (the greater eternal essences and illusion dust) because once you hit 58 you head to outland and no longer get greens which drop the level 51-57 enchanting mats. Since no one does the instances anymore (maybe a zg run here or there for the mount) the market is pretty dry.

Lucky for you guys I'm no MMO-Champion and this strategy is complicated enough that most readers will not even attempt it. But if you take the time to set this up correctly you will easily have a never ending supply of essences and illusion dust. If the market gets low from multiple people doing this, simply sell your mats instead of crafting the rings.

Have fun!

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  1. So...if they mats are worth more than the stuff you get from DEing it...why would you DE it?

    Personally, I'd sell the mats or get the DE mats through a cheaper outlet or just stay away from the market if the price of DEed mats is less than the cost of mats.

    Am I missing something?

  2. altbankerson said... October 14, 2009 at 8:22 AM

    He meant you get 2-10g profit from the D/E not 2-10g in mats.

  3. I think it would be more profitable to run Strat over and over. Run dead side for a chance at the mount and come out with tons of stuff to disenchant, vendor trash, and runecloth. Then on live side you get the same thing (minus the mount) and some of the orbs to make crusader enchants.

    If you are into grinding instances, you could do much worse than this one.

  4. This is much better since star rubies are much better and actually drop more essence and dust.


  5. Goth that is a great alternative if you have the dusts / rubies available cheap on your server. Anyone have any more? Keep em coming!

  6. It's not crafting, but... you can run Scholo as well. It clears easy and nets alot of greens. or you can just do 'chest' runs.

    I'll try to find a decent guide.. But basically, near the lady who makes ~20 copies of herself when you engage her, is a lever. Push the lever, and it opens an area that has a chest with garunteed 2 greens or better. (you dont actually have to kill her or anything, just hit the switch. An 80 can probably get to it without getting in combat, especially with stealth. Lower levels would probably have to clear a bit).

    Still looking for a youtube video or something similar, it's easier to see than explain


  7. I have to agree with the Stratholme runs. Zipping through and picking off the bosses will give you stacks of enchanting materials in a very short amount of time. Many of the bosses drop BoP greens as well, so you'll get a mix of dust and essences along with the usual shards.

  8. Strathome for sure, then take all that runecloth and make runecloth headbands. They DE nicely into illusion dust and greater eternal essence.

  9. Hi Markco,

    I'm a long time reader and enthusiast and I would like to thank you for helping me make gold! (PS. Ignore the non-believers who say you are using this for personal gain)

    So I am leveling another alt that will be JC/Enchanting, anyways this means i will have Two 450 miners,1 450 Herablist, 1 450 Skinner, and well I'm looking at Alchemy for my last profession. Now i Do not know much about it especially for money making, Would you suggest Transmute Mastery or one of the other ones?
    I thought about inscription but i'm just not sure, i know its a good money maker but i am just hesitant!

  10. Thanks! Transmute is good because you have mining and elixir is good because you have alchemy. Elixir is more of a steady income whereas transmute can give you huge bursts of extra money one day and nothing the next.

  11. As a prot paladin....

    1. soloing MC bosses + trash gets essence of earth

    2. Doing ZG runs gets loads of power mojos

    3. and the Thorium from elsewhere

    4. ....

    5. Profit!

  12. I can attest from recently leveling up enchanting to 350 (in order to disenchant any BoE) that illusion dust is definitely the hardest to come bu dust, on my server selling for as much or more than infinite dust, and GCE's sell for 10-15+ gold as well.

  13. Terrible guide.
    As others already stated, the mats are worth more than the DE'ed stuff.

    The best solution is to run Strat or Scholo, you get alot of greens and blues, plus essence of undeath, orbs and cloth, which all sell extremely well.

    To the guys who says stealth through the instances, the mobs with stealth detection is actually more likely to engage you if you are in stealth than if not. Some kind of bug from Blizzard, but I always do my Strat runs out of stealth, because I can pass more mobs that way.

    Anyway, keep up the good work on this blog, even though this is the worst post I have read here yet :)

  14. Ok, so I go to Silithus, farm there a bit. Then I go to...Eastern Plaguelands and do my thing. After that for thorium I say...Winterspring, right ?

    I like to farm sometimes. But I really doubt about the efficiency in terms of gold/hour of a farming session including a route like Silithus/Winterspring/Eastern Plaguelands. I can safely say that by the time you complete your farming session, you could farm something else for much more better gold/hour ratio.

    There are few other crafted items that can yield a good profit if disenchanted. But only on the paper. Enchanted Thorium Blades comes to mind. But if you take the time and and take in consideration time to farm / craft / disenchant / what other profitable things you can do in the same amount of time / how fast the final product moves; you may find that in reality you may register a loss. Such is the case of Onslaught Ring, imo.

    I think you should include a gold/hour estimate in your posts such as this.

  15. Gunna have to disagree with you here... If the end result is worth less than the mats... farming the mats doesn't change this - it is actually losing you money...

    If I farm the mats - why wouldn't I sell them on the AH for the inflated price instead of making them into something that's worth less than they are?

    Farming =/= free... you still have the choice to post it on the AH and make the gold from selling the raw materials...

  16. Sorry guys I wasn't very specific, this would work if you have 3 characters: 1 at EPL, 1 at Sillithus, and 1 at an AH.

  17. Illusion Dust and Greater Eternals are definitely worth it, but not in this fashion. A lot of people do Strat and Scholo as mentioned.

    I used to do Strat, and it's a good choice; but now I do DM West. The first 3 bosses each have a 46% or higher chance of dropping an iLvl 61 green, with Tendris Warpwood and Illyanna Ravenoak dropping green weapons at a 23% rate. Additionally, trash drops savage fronds, core of elements, runecloth, essence of undeath, and librams for those nuts on your server going for Insane in the Membrane.

    I usually run a lap covering just those 3 bosses pulling the trash up to them (except Tendris), hop down and out of the instance and reset. 10 minutes a run.

    (Plus, when a monster appears in the arena it's broadcast to all of dire maul, so I can run out and try to nab an Orb of Deception.)

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