The Doctor is In

A preponderance of new evidence supports the theory that video games are actually good for a person's mental health. Most improve mental accuity and quickness as well as hand-eye coordination. They are being used more frequently in rehab facilities and even for young children to aid in development of small motor skills. So the more I play WoW, the smarter I'll be and the better muscle tone I'll have, and I'll even be less of a klutz? No. Well, maybe...You have to take WoW, and all video gaming, in moderation. Studies show that excessive gaming wears down the body and brain, but a moderate amount every day actually will have a positive effect.

So what's a "moderate" amount?That depends on you. Do you exercise? (getting up to get food doesn't count) Do you eat properly? (hot pockets and energy drinks do NOT have everything the body needs) Are you finding social interaction outside of gaming and getting enough sleep? (8 hours sleep for most people) If you can answer yes to all of these, then you can spend more time gaming. If you're not exercising and getting enough sleep, you are not as focused when you play. This not only makes you play worse, but prevents your body from gaining any benefits from gaming. Eating properly has largely the same effect. It's amazing how you can boost your stamina (yeah I get it, ha, ha) by keeping a good diet. Cut sugars, eat protein and fiber from fruits and veggies. Did you know this kind of diet has been proven to increase reaction time?

Remember that next time you go into the Isle of Conquest. So if the rest of your life is in good shape, "moderate" for you can be pretty high. If not, straighten yourself out first for more gaming and a better life in general.

Who ever thought playing the AH could be good for your health? Or that I could be working on my reaction time in Icecrown? Feel better, make more gold, play more efficiently, pawn more noobs. Sounds good to me.

Happy Gaming,

Loremaster Ej

Doctor Ej is absolutely right. I have been running 3 miles every day for almost two weeks now. I'm thinner, faster, and the shield slams seem higher.

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  1. Keep it up Markco! Doing 1 light Yogg-Saron is not as important as avoiding a wipe to heart disease! I am impressed with your ability to manage this site, have a job, play WoW at high levels at both PvE/PVP and now incorporate a workout regime.

    Please take care of your foot.

  2. I have to ask ... What does the BF/GF think?

  3. @Shannara the girlfriend is loving it :)

  4. Hey Markco, i know this is kind of offtopic to todays post, but I kinda reach a standstill in making gold.

    I am currently at 6000g, i made about 3000g by crafting 1 nightmare tear per day, and selling a scroll of enchant every now and then. Making 100g day is nice and having 6000g is nice. I kinda want to make a more g/d ratio. I was thinking about making it to 7000g and buying that much worth of eternal earth and make some Stoneguard Bands and getting them all disenchanted, But i am also an inscriptionist and can buy 6000g worth of herbs and make some money using the glyph market, do you have any suggestions on what I can do?

  5. I suggest checking the forums and asking there, 1500 people are going to have more ideas than me and will give you lots of choices. Plus if I tell you to do something, everyone will do it.

  6. K thankyou very much =D.

  7. One thing to keep in mind too is playing the AH keeps your mind sharp and teaches you economics. Most people are lost around numbers so it does have a great added benefit.

  8. Great Job man keep it up! One thing I really have to suggest is try to push the pace of your runs even for shot periods of time at least once a week. The harder your breathe the more calories you burn. 5 calories per liter of oxygen you breathe.

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