Dream Shards Going to Spike

People are running heroics like mad to get badges and so dream shards have remained around the same price for quite some time. But suddenly abyss crystal shatter are going to change all that, in terms of how profitable dream shards are. Since greater cosmic essences and infinite dust are going to become extremely cheap, people will pay more for dream shards to create enchants and enchant vellums. With the rise in item level 232 gear dropping from instances proposed by blizzard, there's a very good chance that people will start enchanting all that gear on their alts.

Dream shards are going to become very valuable... and quite rare in my humble, experienced, and all around incredibly accurate opinion.

Armor vellum III's should also be going up in value, as several people have reminded me through emailed tips. Thanks guys!

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  1. Great tip Markco, time to farm Dream Shards. And may I propose that you run Regular instances for Dream Shards too if you don't need Emblems, would be a lot easier.

    Irocarn-Twisting Nether (Horde)

  2. You forget one thing. Dream Shards can be "produced". Same as dust and essences. If the dream shards pass the 12-13g threshold I can start to produce them whenever I need them. Saronite ore -> saronite bars -> saronite dirk -> voila: cheap dream shard for 9-11g. Or saronite ore -> prospect -> Jade Dagger Pendant -> voila: cheap dream shard. I'm positive that so many of us know this by now. So I bet we will start to make dream shards for sale, as soon as they even try to climb in price. So it would be stupid to stockpile them as long as they are easily produced by at least 2-3 professions (I think leatherworking has a profitable recipe also).

  3. man every time you make a post like this the opposite happens because everyone reacts..

  4. The leatherworking recipes I use for making cheap Dream Shards are Dark Frostscale Leggings (Heavy Borean Leather x 4 plus Crystallized water x 5) or Dark Iceborne Leggings (Heavy Borean Leather x 4 plus Crystallized shadow x 5) just pick and choose depending on how cheap shadow or water are and if borean leather is cheap enough (which is a little bit harder following last patch and drums coming in).

    It will be interesting to see whether you are right or not (or maybe you're just trying to sell a load of Dream Shards off on your alts Marco lol)

  5. Yes all 11 of them muhuhahhahaha my evil plan for world domination is almost complete!!!

  6. Hey its Irocarn again just wondering if you used to be on Twisting Nether just visited your youtube channel and one of your vids says "Twisting Nether"

  7. I wonder how one would explain how it went from 24g in the afternoon to 16g in the evening...

  8. I'm so curious what is the reason for publishing such an undocumented and superficial article with such an alarming title.

  9. Marco, initial feedback is good, as someone is buying up lots of Dream Shards on my server. Overnight I sold about 100 for 19g each yielding about a 1/3 profit so not a bad start (about 600g profit). Hopefully I can make this last a while and turn a nice profit daily :)

  10. There's a new enchanting recipe that just came out, hence the sudden buying of dream shards.

  11. Dream shard needs won't spike, they're going to remain constant because people currently farm heroics (and DE the crappy iLevel 200 blues no one ever needs) and that won't change in 3.3.

  12. 30g and going up on my server, and im selling 80+ a day.

  13. Haha , they dropped to 4g at my server (max 15g on weekdays)

    Enchanting scrolls are selling quit slow (too many traders now). I have about 10 stacks of Dream shards that i just farmed with all my chars ( i should make a teecup from it or something)

    P.S. Infinite "Dust" really resembles its real value (name") now -> 15-18g stack ....

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