Farming Clothies in Icecrown

Farming Clothies in Icecrown - ENJOY!

Probably the best clothie farming spot ever for level 80. Reminds me a lot of legion hold, everything down to the long green glows to the pillars and the warlock casters. Atleast there is no annoying elite walking around!

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  1. Am I the only one who was disappointed that the video was not about Markco 'farming' player controlled mages / warlocks in Icecrown.

    Haha, nice video - definitely reminds me of SMV as well.


  2. Markco thanks for the video, that seems like a good spot indeed.

    It would be awesome if you did an article on how to make money from all that cloth. I'm standing on on tons of Frostweave Cloth and apart from Frostweave Bags I have no idea what to do with it. Even the bags are hit-or-miss, not a lot of profit in them.

  3. An even better spot (for me anyways, a 80 holy/disc priest) is a bit west of there. Still @ aldur thar: Desolation gate, but they are named cult alchemist and damned apothecary.

    These mobs have the same HP as the ones portrayed in your video, but do slightly bit more damage, mostly because of a green aoe effect on the ground.

    The great thing about these mobs however are that they are melee. I can pull 7 or 8 of them, AoE them down, loot and start over again because they allready respawned.

  4. When I hit 80, I will try that spot with my DK. Currently, I found a nice little spot in dragonsblight, where I can do a similar round with my level 76 DK - tho I am not getting cloth, I still pick up plenty of greens and the occasional blue.

  5. When waiting for raids to start, I grind these mobs. No, not huge profit but a decent diversion. I'm sure tailors would have an absolute heyday there as I get about a stack every 5-10 minutes there; tailors would double that.

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