A Gnome's Conquest and Wow Confidential - Darkmoon Cards

Wow Confidential Presents: Inscription Darkmoon Card Video

I liked this video as some people probably have no idea how valuable those cards can be, especially if you sell them just before or during darkmoon faire. Be careful though, there is no gaurantee that you will get a nobles card so your mileage will vary from Wow Confidentials. However, if you are patient and slowly build up supplies for the weekend before the faire starts you can craft your cards and make some amazing cash for the next couple of days.

A Gnome's Conquest Presents: Speculation on Darkmoon Cards

Heya this is Carbon from A Gnome's Conquest and thank you for reading my guest post at Just My Two Copper.

I wanted to talk to you guys today about my thoughts on card making in 3.3. There has been some talk around the JMTC community about whats going to happen with the new wave of welfare epics from the 5 man. Here are my thoughts about them:

On my server people were crying that 3.1 will ruin the deck market and it did to an extent. Prices on my server went from 8-10k a nobles deck to 3.5-4k a deck. This was a substantial blow and caused many card makers to find other markets. But if you noticed because of it herb prices also dropped. Adder's Tongue prices on my server went from 35-40g a stack to 15-20g a stack. You spend 40g to make 8-10k and now you spend 20g to make 4-5k. Your profit percents are still pretty much the same.

Patch 3.2 brought with it ToC and a new set of ilevel 200 trinkets. But it also made the darkmoon trinkets boe which is what saved the deck market and actually nobles prices went up and I can get 5k for a noble trinket.

Patch 3.3 will bring a new 5 man and its not certain if new trinkets will drop. My guess is they will drop ilevel 219 trinkets from the normal version. However we don't know the difficulty of the new 5 man. It might be something like Magister's Terrace where it was (somewhat) challenging (compared to other heroics).

If a trinket drops in the new 5 man I expect deck prices to drop a little but not by much. Currently they sell for 5k in trinket form and 4k in deck form and I expect to see them settle at around 4k-4.5k in trinket form and 3k-3.5k in deck form. The reason for this is simple. People want an item now and for many people 4k isn't a lot for a good solid trinket.

Thank you for reading my 3.3 Darkmoon card speculation post and please be sure to stop by gnomesconquest.blogspot.com to read more :)


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  1. The prices of the cards will fall even more because of the badge changes. Triumph badges are becoming the new badge gained from heroics etc. instead of Conquest. So players will be able to get the Triumph trinkets very easily.

  2. "You spend 40g to make 8-10k and now you spend 20g to make 4-5k. Your profit percents are still pretty much the same."

    The math behind this is completely faulty. I'll just use the low-end numbers he mentioned in his post.

    Even though yes, 40g invested IS double the 20g invested and yes, 8k profit IS also double 4k, making 8k on 40g is not the same percentage profit as making 4k on 20g.

    This is because the money invested compared to the profit made is so negligible that it wouldn't matter even if herbs dropped from 100g to 20g, you'd still make more selling the cards for 8k vs 4k.

  3. That last sentence, I meant: Make more percentage-wise selling for 8k over 4k, since you'd obviously make more gold selling for a higher amount.

  4. Half the prices keeps the profit percentage at about the same (but it doesn't take into account the Eternal Life hasn't halved in price) but you're doing double the work for the same profit as before.

    That's why a lot of people got out of it.

  5. and the snowfall ink price changes also affects the net cost due to opportunity cost.

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