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I am currently working with other bloggers (to be disclosed at a later date) on a gold making podcast that is going to rock the podcasting world... of warcraft.

I need help however, as we are currently trying to come up with a name for this podcast. The setup is two savy auctioneers discussing many topics about making gold, so the name needs to be broad enough to encompass all methods as well as be catchy and cool :)

What topics would you like to see on the show, and what would be a good title in your opinion?

Please comment! Looking forward to building this podcast and supplying you all with another great resource for making gold in world of warcraft.

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  1. Off the top of my head..

    - Good as gold
    - Going for gold
    - Goldmonger
    - The gold house
    - Auctionation
    - Goldcast

    erm .. *goes away to think* ..

  2. How about..

    The Midas Touch
    Middle-class Millionaires
    Relatively Rich
    Affluent Auctioneers
    Pawn Stars (yes..the TV show..)
    The Traveling Merchants

    That's about all I have. Good luck!

  3. Just wondering, and apologies for the ramblings, but won't a gold making podcast potentially mean lots of people trying out the same strats, which then means it becomes hard for anyone to make gold using the strats suggested. Which leaves the rest of us that have half a brain (and use gold bloggers sites like your own as a way to form our own ideas) then looking for new ways to make gold off the people following the podcast recommended strats? Or perhaps I over estimate how many people can be bothered to work on gold making strats.

    I'm not putting you down Marco as I read the site religiously, it was just a thought that's all (similar to yours last week after the MMO Champion posts).

    And thanks for your blog, you're on my "daily" reading list so I guess that's high praise!!

  4. - Gold Gurus
    - Goldorama
    - The Coin Corp
    - The Gold Gang
    - Coinage
    - Shiny Things
    - Liquidation Nation
    - Equity R Us

    Okay I'm running out of words now. I actually quite like "The Midas Touch", mentioned above :)

  5. How about "Just Post Glyphs" or would that give away too much? :)

  6. O_O
    seems I'm getting competition

  7. Golden Opportunities

  8. As a current podcaster and former WOW podcaster, (I did Wow: From 1 to 70) I have some suggestions.

    First decide on the length of the show now, before you start. Especially with a specific topic like making gold, you can run out of content fast if you have a 2 hour show.

    With your content a shotgun blast is better than a sniper rifle. Try to make your content as diverse as you can. Cover gold form questing, dailies, grinding and raiding. Try to get as many different kinds of people included in each topic.

    I think your first 4 shows need to be about some basic things. Economic theory and aucitoneer. A ton of people do not understand the whole "buy 40G of mats, sell item for 80G" thing. An even harder concept for a lot of people is the idea of making a lot of items and having it cost even less.

    Aucctioneer and all the other mods really need some time spent on them. Finding an easy to understand guide on Auctioneer is damn near impossible. The average user is overwhelmed by all that mod can do.

    Make your podcast free. I have seen other shows that charge for this sort of thing, and it never really seems to work out. But, make damn sure that tip jar is out there from show one. Incorporate your donation segment from show one, so it does not feel forced later.

    and my show name suggestion - Reaching for the cap.

  9. Just please, please don't spoonfeed the m&s =) Other than that - thrilled about the idea, because i came to this site after your appearance on the "how i wow" (rest in peace -_-), so naturally i love podcasts.

    As to names... i am lousy at making them up, so let others help =)

  10. Hey Markco, any ideas when all the retarded mmochampions will go away? I normally have around 500 or so glyphs up at any time and in a number of hours 3/4s are undercut (gogo qa2)and I'm making around 500g a night since they came into the market. And its all the same few new people, with names like "glyphsella" (how creative...)

  11. here

    i say
    World of Goldcraft

  12. "Creative ways to waste your time"

  13. Markco Mark and the Funky Bunch is my vote

  14. How aboutMarkco's Markup? or The rich barber's guide to wow riches?

  15. ** There's Gold In Them Thar' Hills... (or something like that, referring back to the California Gold Rush)...

    ** Golden Draenites (and Horde, too)

    ** Gold and Silver and Copper, Oh My!

    ** Follow the Golden Brick Road


  16. Will your podcast be like your latest blogging? Can we expect a few minutes of random mumbling followed by some low-brow advertisement?

    How exciting!

  17. As of the topics, please go for the "Farming" aswell, since I prefer farming over the AH :) cheers

  18. How about:

    * Money Talks

    Not only is it a genuine phrase and describes perfectly what you will be doing on the show, it's also the title of an AC/DC song :)


    * WOW Trader
    * WoW Wonga

    * Cash Cow

    Or should that be Cash Tauren ;)

  19. Hey Markco,

    How about:

    Cheers, Steve

  20. Eldorado ;)

  21. Cash Crop

  22. A little play on Wall Street
    War Street
    WoW Street
    Warcraft Street

  23. Bringing Down the (Auction) House

  24. WoW Economics 101

  25. "Gonna Rent a Backhoe and Uproot That Tree. I Want the Gold!"

  26. I got one:

    No Anons wasting everyone's time with stupid comments!

  27. How about:
    Just my two Podcast

    goes with the site name, and you said there will be two of you doing it as well.

  28. how about
    "Gimme Dat Gold"

  29. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
  30. A name to throw in the hat for the Podcast

  31. What about

    "Time is Money"

  32. My suggestion would be:

    Gold Gurus

    I find it very fitting,

    I quote wikipedia: "A guru (Sanskrit: गुरु) is one who is regarded as having great knowledge, wisdom and authority in a certain area, and who uses it to guide others (teacher)."

  33. Azeroth's Accountants

  34. what about an obscure one


    first person to get it gets a cookie

  35. year 1709 - the coldest year in europe?

  36. not as obscure as that, just gold upside down in alpha and numerical text :-)

  37. oh and careful, dont strain your neck!

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