Inscription - Lesson in Supply and Demand

Supply and Demand - A lesson in Inscripiton and MMO-Champion

In the words of Emerald, ever since MMO-Champion released their article on milling herb and selling glyphs... Bam! Herb prices have shot through the roof!

Some players look at this and say "Oh great, now I can't sell glyphs for profit anymore because it costs too much to mill the inks." What's worse, snowfall inks have seen a decent drop (down from 20 to 12 gold on my server) and so for some players it actually is not worth it to mill your own ink and make glyphs. What's a savy auctioneer who reads this blog to do?

As an experiment I have been milling stacks of herbs for 25 gold (normally I buy below 20) and selling the inks for 140 gold a stack. They sell almost instantly. I get a stack of inks for about every 4 stacks of herbs so I'm making 40 gold just sitting there milling herbs, and that doesn't even include the snowfall inks. Give it a try and take advantage of the players who HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE NORMAL PRICE OF HERBS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE. If the market believes herbs are worth 25-30 gold a stack, well then logically the inks will reflect that price.

Class dismissed!

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  1. On my server inscription is still fine, though with more serious competitors. I make more gold than ever from it and now I can truly say that I have close to 100% of all glyphs.

  2. Damn Darth you are so freaking lucky. I started Inscription a week and a half ago expecting a huge return.

    There are 3 other very dedicated mass glyph makers using QA 2 and mass posting/canceling undercutting.

    This last whole week has been a war between us, literally canceling and reposting within 10 seconds of the other posting, I'm posting at bare minimum prices to take market share and scare some of them away. It is working but what I'd give to have a whole market to myself that I could post glyphs at 40g each on instead of 3g.

    And now that Snowfalls have dropped in price that is a huge chunk of my profits going down the drain (it is supposed to cover milling costs, and then your glpyhs are all profit) I've had to resort to Darkmoon Cards for profit, which is working nicely (and thanks for that spreadsheet Markco) but when this faire is over I'm sure Inks will continue to bomb.

  3. This macro allows you to stand by the SW mailbox outside of the AH and use the AH at the same time. Absolutely no movement at all! You just need to go to your spell bindings and bind interact target to a button.

    /targetexact Auctioneer Jaxon
    /cleartarget [dead] [noexists]
    *interact binding*

  4. Also - if you are seeing that kind of plummet in snowfall prices... start stocking up - they will go back up again...

    clear the market of everything you can afford under where the price should be - or that you could resell for a reasonable profit... and hold them till the price goes back up.

    people will continue making darkmoon cards, so they will continue wanting Snowfall Ink - always watch to see when it shifts from a sellers market to a buyers market...

    buy them all - wait till price goes back up, post them at inflated price... it works...

    another way I've found to control the market of materials is to ONLY buy ones under a certain price... especially when it comes to markets where you see huge suppliers... I mean people who will post 30-40 stacks of 1 herb at a time...

    if you buy them at a certain price, and refuse to buy them higher than that - the person will figure this out - and will either contact you, or will continue to post them at the price they sell at - others will do so also - leaving all the ones over a certain price will cause the people posting at that price or above to barely sell anything - they will only sell to the desparate people - so you will get people who will list for your price...

    it's a great trick if you have the money to support it...

  5. I have seen a small increase in herb prices on my server, but nothing too crazy. The problem is selling glyphs now. Since that article went up from mmo glyphs have dropped waaaaay down. I was selling pretty much every glyph available at a price from 8-80g. All of a sudden there are 20 or so new people selling glyphs at 20s to 3g, every single one. Grrr.

  6. Take a look at the Thrall server some time (alliance side). The Glyph market is nearly cornered by someone who was selling the majority of ALL glyphs for 1-3 gold. Now with MMO's guide out, prices are slowly rising, but inks don't sell at all and profits on glyphs are pretty low, unless you hit the AH at the right time of day when particular glyphs are sold out.

    I'm assuming the low-price leader was trying to flush away his competition by making the market appear worthless. I bought him out as often as I could, but there's only so many glyphs you can sit on at a time, even with alts & a bank.

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