Inscription SpreadSheet

This was an awesome email from Phaqueuetoo on US-Magtheridon Horde:

I was wondering if you would like to post this on your blog for your users to link to... it's a pretty simple spreadsheet I put together to calculate values of milling northrend herbs.

It also includes the calculations to figure out the profit of darkmoon card of the north and off-hand crafting.

Thought it might be helpful :)

Go here to download the spreadsheet and make use of it, I'm currently hosting it on my hosting site.

Please say thank you to Phaqueuetoo in the comments section, he has definately earned it!

8 comments: on "Inscription SpreadSheet"

  1. This spreadsheet is incredible. Now I have to sit at work all day before I can get home and play around with it. :(

    Thanks a lot! (seriously thanks)

  2. i might be dumb, but i am not sure how to read this spreadsheet lol

    - Zomb of lightning's blade

  3. Be sure to download the spreadsheet from my server and then use it.

  4. Thanks Phaqueuetoo for the spreadsheet and Marko for the post. Awesome work.

  5. Talk about the all time best come back in baseball since 1901. You have to give some props to the MN Twins even if you are not a baseball fan:)
    -love the blog, keep up the great info Markco

  6. Very nice spreadsheet.

    After using it I found adding another 2 columns two show how much it costs for 1 ink glyphs and 2 ink glyphs is needed (because you minus the profit you get from the icy pigments)

    Also, you should add the Runescroll of Fortitude to the list.

  7. Thank you very much for this one -
    the "% Profit" tab is genious - keep it up mate :)

    As WowConfidential said, adding Runescroll of Fortitude, and the price of 1 and 2 ink glyphs would alyways be nice. :)

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