JMTC Forums - 3.3 Speculation

Check out some 3.3 Speculation on the JMTC forums!

If you haven't registered and become a member of these incredible forums... um what are you waiting for?

6 comments: on "JMTC Forums - 3.3 Speculation"

  1. WOW--- I like the non-post/post

  2. Especially now that my work just began blocking the forum... =/

  3. Don't make me pull a Greedy Goblin and start deleting dumb comments. Read the link and check out the speculation section of the forums.

  4. would if i could, but now i can't so i won't.

    My company has blocked anything and everything FORUMesk...

    That is why i read Blogs... :)

  5. Thats cause, at work, you should be maybe WORKING?

  6. Dumb comments aside...

    What i got from the forum post was:

    -Make sure you have the inks for making the new glpyhs and remember to get the recipes from dalaran

    -New cat pet you can get from dalaran vendor (make some money from unaware people)

    -Crusader orb price to drop? (getting triumph badges from heroics) So sell now?

    -The usual glyphs for people respecing, scrolls/enchanting mats for new gear as with gems and spellthread/armor patches, etc

    -raid consumable increase demand (stockpile some flasks?)

    -Maybe also stockpile some moonshroud/ebonweave/spellweave for the new Ashen Verdict faction epic crafts

    Feel free to critique my summary


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