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Every few weeks I feel the need to welcome new members to this amazing community and 'show them the ropes' so to speak. Many people read this blog via a feed, which is great, but they miss out on some of the links here at JMTC that help members communicate. After all, commenting and getting new insights from readers is half the fun here!

Here's a look at some of the awesome avenues of discussion one can take at Just My Two Copper:


At the bottom of each post is small blue text saying 'X Comments'. I know this is a very noobish thing to explain but some people do email me from time to time asking how to see the comments for each post.

2. Forums

My greatest pride and also the one section of the site that I try to avoid posting in like the plague. Here some of the greatest gold making minds have come together to help noobs and grow their own businesses. There is no other place online like this forum, and it's the perfect outlet for both new and experienced players to discuss auction house mastery. I hope you try this forum out and are simply blown away by the quality of its content. There's even a section for newer players to ask for help on getting started.

3. Youtube

Under the alias 'foldberg1' I like to post youtube videos from time to time (average is 1-2 a week) and they can range from prot pvp videos to cool gold strategies. Definately worth a look as I do not always repost videos from the youtube to the site.

4. Twitter

I'll be the first to admit I suck at twitter. Sometimes I post four times in one day, the next I might not post at all. Follow at your own risk.

5. X-Fire Live

Less used than my twitter, every once in a while I'll set up the olde X-Fire and show off some moves. Usually just fun stuff with lots of dead alliance in the end. The last big X-Fire was a 2v10 with my bud jhaman, that was absolutely hillarious. Friend me on X-Fire and you'll know when I get online (markcolol).

There are many more ways I'd like to provide communication methods for my readers, but I won't realease anything until it's 100% ready. I'm also working on a gold guide podcast which I hope will blow you away.

5 comments: on "JMTC Important Information"

  1. If you see that "Your favorite way to make gold" post, for example, the comments are really really great.

    I've saved it in a word document to not lose it by any means hehehe

  2. Yeah I need to do an overview of all those methods, I have to hand it to the contributors, they did a great job.

  3. Hehe I did the exam same thing.
    Used it to expand into a few markets as my usual is a bit bloated atm.

    Oh and loved the prot pvp video Marko, keep them coming! :)


  4. I got this site linked by a friend of mine a few weeks ago and since then I read the blog and the forum on daily basis. Just gotta reg myself at the forums too :)

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  5. A quick item I came across this weekend, and thought I would share. According to the latest PTR update on Hodir quests will be giving more rep, and the highest end shoulder enchants will be BoA and not require rep to use, only to buy. Both changes should drop the price on Relics of Ulduar.

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